Sunday, 12 February 2017

Lunch Out!

I say this in jest

Cavemen 1 & 2 were off logging and us girlies were instructed to bring lunch out

Quite literally!

Ok, a little unkempt..but he's the only one I've got!!

Perhaps the teddy pasty was taking some chewing!

Anyway look who else came with us

Considering she spent the morning moping I think she looks rather pleased with herself in this photo

She wouldn't sit on the rug we took her

But rather rolled in the grass in a most unladylike manner

Still she perked up considerably

Hubby sat in the tractor drinking a second cup of tea

Whilst youngest and I threw logs onto the trailer

He pulling forward as we cleared the row of logs

Me going careful to not overextended my shoulder

Next it was a quick Lidl mercy dash for milk

And a call into eldest at her residence

Now the fire is roaring

The dog is snoring

Ski Sunday is on the telly

Caveman 1 has fallen asleep in his chair

Caveman 2 is web browsing

Younget is at work

Life isn't too bad really

The kettle atop the woodburner is tinkling away making a sound that takes me back to a time many years ago when my parents kettle made the same noise upon their Rayburn

A link from then to now

A comfort

And very soon I intend to pick up my knitting and click away some of the evening

Blessings J. x



  1. It's funny how 'bring lunch' also turned into you both helping with the logs. I'm pleased to read Heidi has perked up. Have a lovely evening and stay warm. X

  2. She does look a lot brighter today, perhaps it was being outside with her 'people'. From one who has spend too many years with shoulder problems, possibly caused in part by to much chainsaw and logging ... for gawd's sake be careful . . . .

    You've reminded me I really must get a kettle to sit on the top of our woodburner.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day or at least the end of it does....I'm not quite so sure about the log flinging
    Look at Heidi's beautiful smiley face. She looks so happy.

  4. Logging is hard but satisfying work, many hands make light work, keep that kettle simmering away, Hedi looks happy

  5. Looked like a gently satisfying day, love the happy look Heidi is radiating, probably just pleased to be out and about after being 'invalided' for a few days :)
    We have a kettle on our woodburner, it is a lovely feeling using free heat to warm water for our tea x


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