Thursday, 2 February 2017


Poor Heidi went to the vet yesterday

I was expecting the outcome really

She has a mammary tumour

Hopefully benign

Operation next Tuesday

My heart feels just a tiny bit wooden at the moment

You know the feeling

Dread at what might be

She however appears totally oblivious

My very large very lovable fur baby

Not a very good photo for clarity

But very good for showing how much a part of the family she is

Belated Imbolc Blessings

J. x



  1. Hope everything goes well with Hedi

  2. Positive thoughts for dear Heidi, the vets will do the best they can xxx positive hugs for you too :)

  3. Gorgeous Heidi....we will all think about you next Tuesday and send lots of hugs and healing thoughts to you.
    I know the wooden heart feeling Jackie. I've been there so many times with my Smudge. Our love has seen him through so much and yours will do the same for Heidi.

  4. Fingers tightly crossed that all goes well. Will be thinking of you Jackie. X

  5. I'll be sending positive vibes to you all, but especially Heidi. She's such a gorgeous girl. Thinking of you x

  6. Everything crossed for good news for your gorgeous Heidi.

  7. Will focus on both you and Heidi on Tuesday. How old is she?


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