Sunday, 19 February 2017


Actually begun last evening but not posted due to very slow photos coming through!

The cardigan I am knitting has slowed in it's progress...firstly due to my tumble last Tuesday...and secondly due to the fact that the instructions for the right front are basically not in bits, then say refer to left front...and with quite a complicated 16 row pattern I'm going to have to write it out as I go

So this evening I've only managed a measly two rows!

Never mind...''tis looking good

I decided that such a beautiful day should not be wasted so asked Heidi if she was up to a proper walk

Guess what

She was!

All the way down the hill

And into the cooling river

So good she did it twice

But very soon it was time to climb back up the hill

And home to rest

Though later in the afternoon she came out for a short stroll up the road

And that was that really

Though I'm a tad embarrassed to tell you what happened in the morning at eldests house...I nearly toppled off some outdoor steps and have jarred my back to the enth degree

Honestly I need wrapping in bubble wrap lately

So now it's Sunday and after a quick lunch of banana sandwiches I really should be braving the dullness and toddle off with Heidi

We're having our February family quiz this evening so a cookathon will have to happen later

Eldest and her husband plus my hubby and me plus youngest and her caveman to tea then we FaceTime Sonshine and they will all do the quiz I have prepared

There better not be any squabbling!

So before my back seizes up completely and/or the rains come I'll bid you adieu

Blessings J. x



  1. Sweet little Heidi....isn't she doing marvellous. I bet she enjoyed that dip.
    Super sized roll of bubble wrap ordered and I will be down to do the wrapping when it arrives.
    Sewing patterns can be quite incomprehensible too and drive me nuts sometimes.
    Have a fab night doing your quiz.....sounds fun-x-

  2. Ouch, and double Ouch.
    I tripped over my feet the other day - luckily landed on knees on soft grass - It's an age thing I was told!
    Your quiz sounds fun, maybe we could all see how we would get on answering?
    Take Care

  3. Glad to see that Heidi is doing so well - though you seem to be in the wars at the moment! Take care x

  4. Ouch indeed, hope you make as speedy a recovery as Heidi seems to have done :)


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