Friday, 17 February 2017

An Expensive Month

Yes friends February, though a short month is certainly proving to be an expensive one

We shall weather the storm though

But from here on in belts will need to be tightened slightly

The contents of our pantry cupboard ferreged through and whittled down

The vets bill is an extra expense plus garage costs for my car that was poorly

And I treated myself...though really I shouldn't have to the Accuquilt Go fabric cutter

However eldest is selling my big shot pro for me

Lovely machine, but practically impossible for me to carry up and down our cottage stairs...and even harder to store as though it would fit under the bed getting it out with such a small area free was a nightmare

Luckily the Go folds and so I shall actually be able to use it

I was lucky and even a friend who thought she had scored a bargain when she purchased hers couldn't believe the low price!

Said friend already has the cutting dies and is happy for me to borrow so yippee!

At last I will tackle some of my mini fabric mountain to make gifts and goodies

I'm also selling other bits and bobs that, well I no longer have a use for, so hopefully they will go to good homes and put a few shillings back in my purse!

Oh and yesterday I got my hair highlighted...

When the children were little and money wasn't just tight it was non existent I used to cut my own hair but hubby had his done professionally

For years now I've cut hubby's with clippers and have had mine cut but any colouring has been done at home

But yesterday I joined the lady brigade and was 'seen to'

I think I must have paid mates rates though because I know the salon owners and hubby is doing a job for her hubby and the cost wasn't as bad as I'd thought it could be

The result...a very 'raw' me with not a scrap of makeup

So Sheila not a picture of my new undies...

But a nearly 50 year old me

Still slightly chubby but no longer plain fat!!

Now today I already have a list prepared of tasks to get done

It's been a funny sort of week and I don't feel as though I've achieved much though I haven't been idle

This afternoon I see a learner and I need to write up some observation notes

Then next week it's working for our own business and getting bills out and once again the VAT done

Can't quite believe how quickly that comes around

And how did Friday get here again so soon?

Have a good day everyone

Blessings J. x




  1. Awww you look gorgeous young lady....and I can say that as I am nearly 60 :(-x-

  2. I am sitting here, reading blogs, with a head full of henna paste - I don't like the chemical dyes although I have dabbled at home with said shop bought packets. However the henna gives such a gentle lift to my hair, deepening the reds without covering the natural colouring that I am happy with it. And, even more importantly, it fits in my new budget of 'independant self employed artist living on virtually non existent pennies' I cut my three boys hair, my husband last had his professionally cut just before we were married (I refused on that occasion) and my Youngest decided he would go to a hip and happening local barber and when his wallet was considerably lighter and his hair not much better than a home cut ... returned to the 'hairdresser in the kitchen at home to get it fixed' ... sigh!

  3. Your hair looks lovely! Getting my hair coloured at the salon is my only extravagance. It's at the in between dark and grey stage so once it's past that awkward stage I'll go silvery grey (dis)gracefully! ;-)

    1. Not ready to go grey yet...I'm sure I will one day though. x

  4. It's nice to treat yourself to a cut and colour isnt it? I did the same this week. Feb has been expensive here too so belt tightening in store for us in March as well. Your hair looks lovely x

    1. Thank felt like a real treat...which it was. x

  5. I've often considered one of these cutting outfits but I'm still not convinced that by the time you have pressed the fabric and cut it to the necessary size for the machine it isn't just as much of a faff?

    1. Having used a friends I'm pleased...I am no good with a rotary cutter...all gifts are to be homemade and so weighing it up it was right for me. x


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