Monday, 27 February 2017


After having a few hours blissfully slumbering last night my bladder sent out a nearing full distress signal and so my sleep was disturbed

And then






Amazingly though I was dead to the world when hubby left for work

And only stirred with that horrible thick head feeling at ten to nine when my Fitbit buzzed on my wrist

Bother, darn, and an almost embarrassed feeling that I think only I can conjure for being in bed at such a late hour on a weekday!

So from now on an alarm will be deployed even on mornings when I'm not working outside the home

I have been feeling really sluggish this past week

I've been on the end of someone's can't be assed attitude

And news of a family member (BIL) in an ICU has been stressful

Not helped by cold callers constantly ringing

My head needs to leave the first problem for them to deal with

And I've offered my unconditional support to my sister, though her immediate family are with her

I'd like to write with knowledge that it's been raining all morning

But I don't know

What with being a lazy so in so

It's certainly raining now though

I need to get supplies

A trip to the little bit bigger town than normal as Lidl have either stopped selling pineapple or hidden it all from me every time they see my very dirty car arrive!

The little bit bigger town has Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, & Co op, as well as an assortment of Happy Days and the like

Kind of overload!

Probably why I normally only go to the little town

And hardly ever to the biggest town!!

The main road is still shut between the smallest and next size up town sending all the traffic past us


Anyway I shall probably have to sharpen my elbows in the store this morning as we've been forecast a little of the white stuff later

Blessings J. x

Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Bear In The Woods

Ah...our beautiful English weather is giving us cold rain on this Sunday afternoon

We have been out to lunch

With full tummies we have now come home to relax

Well I am relaxing

Youngest has gone to work

Hubby is watching the rugby

Caveman 2 is dreaming on eBay!

I came home with a large parcel of meat for Heidi

Leftovers from our carvery lunches

My... there was more meat on our plates than we have nearly all the week!

None of us managed to clear our plates

Heidi was rather happy about it

A couple of days ago the weather was much more pleasant

We took a walk down to the woods

And then I noticed the bear

Legs in the air

Yes rolling in some obnoxious substance

Certainly not Chanel no5

It was very beautiful

But not a snowdrop to be seen which I was quite disappointed about

Lots of moss on this dead wood

Youngest tried to splash the smelly dog

But that was easier said than done

Signs of the coming Spring were evident

Shoots of wild garlic visible

Birds singing

A little more strength in the sun

Yes I do believe it's coming

Blessings J. x


Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Scene

As in crime scene

This is what greeted me after my morning out


There was no sign of forced entry to the property

Just forced entry to the bin

I have taken paw prints for forensics

Someone I think I know guilty


Naughty girl!

Blessings J. x


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Outside The Home

Today is a day that will largely be spent working outside the home

As in paid for work!

I can't build up much enthusiasm at the moment as I've seen proof that the great Atlantic Ocean is indeed back true to form

As I relayed to hubby it reminds me of days long ago at junior school when the tops of the milk bottles would be splashed with grit and we would be allowed to stay in for 'wet play'

They were indeed what seems a lifetime ago

I could say a time of skinned knees

But I still have that today!

I removed the extra 4.5 tog duvet last night and believe we slept better under just the 9 tog one

Bet that will encourage a big sting in Winters' tail!

Looking around our bedroom I see the need for a good tidy up

I've let things slide a bit up here whilst Heidi has been recovering

But it's due for a mega scat and fling session!

I cut a length of wood trim yesterday that I'm hoping will sit on ledges in our cupboard and by removing one of the shelves become a hanging rail

Now that would help immensely

If it works I'll take a picture

If it doesn't I'll keep stung and pretend I never mentioned it!

Can't remember if I ever showed you pictures of Nellie the tractor

Or me and hubby

My three 'babies'

'The' cake

That September day seems so long ago too

Anyway answers were promised so here they are

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary



Richard Trevithick

The Fifty Shades trilogy



A. A. Milne


In your stomach

Hope you had fun

Blessings J. x


Monday, 20 February 2017

What's Yours Today

Each day we make thousands of mostly unnoticed choices

Tiny little things mostly

Here are mine

Holly and ivy mug to hold my morning cuppa...well it is still Winter

A dress that I chose to wear even though it needed ironing!

I chose to light the fire as though fairly warm it is damp outside and that can transcend into the house

I chose the comfort of a real fire over turning on the radiators

I chose to eat banana sandwiches for lunch

I have chosen music to listen to this morning and to half watch Tales From The Green Valley this afternoon as I tackle paperwork

Things I haven't chosen to do but have had to are taking Heidi to have her stitches removed...all good

Various business phone calls

Oodles of bloomin business paperwork

And by default it's me preparing our evening meal of chicken curry this evening

I actually chose to launder our bedding today (begrudgingly)

This evening I'm going to do a quick reckoning on the meat we need for the next four weeks in preparation for a trip to the butcher

We are still being careful with the amounts though it would be wrong of me to say I've managed to adhere to the rations 100%

I go by value...our meat is not the cheapest but we eat far smaller portions of it nowadays

I don't always include chicken in the reckoning or sausages as these weren't on ration but difficult to obtain

Mostly I think we do pretty well...but due to caveman no.2's milk guzzling habit...milk I know we...well he, fails on

But sugar, and fat...though I lump all the fat rations together, we are ok on

Tea is plentiful, but flour though not rationed was restricted to national variety and I'm afraid I still use white

I wonder if it had to be done again what our allowed rations would look like today


Sonshine won our family quiz last evening via face time

Sue was asking a little about it so for those interested here are a few of the questions

What is the given name of our Queen

In which year he was the pound note withdrawn from circulation

What is the legal minimum tyre tread depth for a car in the U.K.

Who built the first full size steam train

What is E. L. James famous for

How many times did Red Rum win the Grand National

In which Year did HMS Titanic sink on her maiden voyage

Who wrote the Pooh Bear books

How many bones in the human body

Where would you find your solar plexus

There...ten of the thirty questions I asked last night!

Answers next time.

Blessings J. x


Sunday, 19 February 2017


Actually begun last evening but not posted due to very slow photos coming through!

The cardigan I am knitting has slowed in it's progress...firstly due to my tumble last Tuesday...and secondly due to the fact that the instructions for the right front are basically not in bits, then say refer to left front...and with quite a complicated 16 row pattern I'm going to have to write it out as I go

So this evening I've only managed a measly two rows!

Never mind...''tis looking good

I decided that such a beautiful day should not be wasted so asked Heidi if she was up to a proper walk

Guess what

She was!

All the way down the hill

And into the cooling river

So good she did it twice

But very soon it was time to climb back up the hill

And home to rest

Though later in the afternoon she came out for a short stroll up the road

And that was that really

Though I'm a tad embarrassed to tell you what happened in the morning at eldests house...I nearly toppled off some outdoor steps and have jarred my back to the enth degree

Honestly I need wrapping in bubble wrap lately

So now it's Sunday and after a quick lunch of banana sandwiches I really should be braving the dullness and toddle off with Heidi

We're having our February family quiz this evening so a cookathon will have to happen later

Eldest and her husband plus my hubby and me plus youngest and her caveman to tea then we FaceTime Sonshine and they will all do the quiz I have prepared

There better not be any squabbling!

So before my back seizes up completely and/or the rains come I'll bid you adieu

Blessings J. x


Friday, 17 February 2017

An Expensive Month

Yes friends February, though a short month is certainly proving to be an expensive one

We shall weather the storm though

But from here on in belts will need to be tightened slightly

The contents of our pantry cupboard ferreged through and whittled down

The vets bill is an extra expense plus garage costs for my car that was poorly

And I treated myself...though really I shouldn't have to the Accuquilt Go fabric cutter

However eldest is selling my big shot pro for me

Lovely machine, but practically impossible for me to carry up and down our cottage stairs...and even harder to store as though it would fit under the bed getting it out with such a small area free was a nightmare

Luckily the Go folds and so I shall actually be able to use it

I was lucky and even a friend who thought she had scored a bargain when she purchased hers couldn't believe the low price!

Said friend already has the cutting dies and is happy for me to borrow so yippee!

At last I will tackle some of my mini fabric mountain to make gifts and goodies

I'm also selling other bits and bobs that, well I no longer have a use for, so hopefully they will go to good homes and put a few shillings back in my purse!

Oh and yesterday I got my hair highlighted...

When the children were little and money wasn't just tight it was non existent I used to cut my own hair but hubby had his done professionally

For years now I've cut hubby's with clippers and have had mine cut but any colouring has been done at home

But yesterday I joined the lady brigade and was 'seen to'

I think I must have paid mates rates though because I know the salon owners and hubby is doing a job for her hubby and the cost wasn't as bad as I'd thought it could be

The result...a very 'raw' me with not a scrap of makeup

So Sheila not a picture of my new undies...

But a nearly 50 year old me

Still slightly chubby but no longer plain fat!!

Now today I already have a list prepared of tasks to get done

It's been a funny sort of week and I don't feel as though I've achieved much though I haven't been idle

This afternoon I see a learner and I need to write up some observation notes

Then next week it's working for our own business and getting bills out and once again the VAT done

Can't quite believe how quickly that comes around

And how did Friday get here again so soon?

Have a good day everyone

Blessings J. x



Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Lady In The Van

Charming...but that's what a friend has called me since we moved to the cottage

The reason

My car is nearly always full of stuff either coming from or destined to go to the inlaws

A space problem

In like we have none!

So today I've a gungy knee...dressed and bandaged

A sore thumb where the nail hit the road end on but didn't break...go figure!

A throbbing elbow...that collided with my basket of tricks upon landing

And a sore ankle on the other leg which may have been the initial cause of my demise

I fear I ricked that ankle and my knee on the other leg couldn't cope with the jolt so down I went

I discovered that the learning disabled individuals I work with get very concerned but have no concept about how to help!

Ah well...we made it back to the home with no one other than me in tatters!

Anyway once more the car is clinking with bits and bobs in the back so this morning I'm heading off down to the inlaws

Hopefully with eldest in tow...though she's car less so I'll have a trip to fetch her first

I could do with a good set of legs to carry things up the stairs and she also has some car bootable items to sort through

I'll also be looking for bits that I no longer want need or indeed never needed but wanted!

We're going on an eBay fest...well eldest is...for a commission!

This afternoon I'm off to get some highlights put in my hair

I've gone through winter with a block dark colour...cos it's cheap

But now I really fancy a little lighter colour in my life!

Heidi appears to have turned a corner in her recovery

She's still very tired...but then aren't we all!

And she's taken to sleeping right at the bottom of the stairs

She did that when we first moved here

Makes her just a tiny bit closer to us

Bless her

Though she'd be a little too large to have on the bed!

And this montage is just because I'm not photographing the undies I bought yesterday and I've nothing else to show

Blessings J. x


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Woman Down!

I did it
I don't know how I did it
But I did
I fell splat in the road this afternoon coming back with the residents from our activities club
As I was carrying a basket in one hand
And my big shot in the other there was no saving myself
So splat
Carer down!
Thick tights ripped
Skin hanging on by a smidgen
Quite a mess
Rather like something I did 40+ years ago whilst playing kiss-chase!
Maybe as I turned my knee gave in
I can't remember tripping or going off balance
Just whack and splat
Now it's ouch
And I have a skittles match this evening
A home match that will involve me setting up for
As I said OUCH!
Hope you have all had a day filled with love and such like
Blessings J. x

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Lunch Out!

I say this in jest

Cavemen 1 & 2 were off logging and us girlies were instructed to bring lunch out

Quite literally!

Ok, a little unkempt..but he's the only one I've got!!

Perhaps the teddy pasty was taking some chewing!

Anyway look who else came with us

Considering she spent the morning moping I think she looks rather pleased with herself in this photo

She wouldn't sit on the rug we took her

But rather rolled in the grass in a most unladylike manner

Still she perked up considerably

Hubby sat in the tractor drinking a second cup of tea

Whilst youngest and I threw logs onto the trailer

He pulling forward as we cleared the row of logs

Me going careful to not overextended my shoulder

Next it was a quick Lidl mercy dash for milk

And a call into eldest at her residence

Now the fire is roaring

The dog is snoring

Ski Sunday is on the telly

Caveman 1 has fallen asleep in his chair

Caveman 2 is web browsing

Younget is at work

Life isn't too bad really

The kettle atop the woodburner is tinkling away making a sound that takes me back to a time many years ago when my parents kettle made the same noise upon their Rayburn

A link from then to now

A comfort

And very soon I intend to pick up my knitting and click away some of the evening

Blessings J. x


Saturday, 11 February 2017

Making The Most Of The Snow

Somebody was feeling a little sorry for themselves this morning

I'm thinking that the pain relief must have worn off and bruising is coming out

Poor girl

She didn't even bark when the postman came

But lay outside in the snow for ages

Thinking to cheer her up I took her to see my sister in law

It took her mind off her wounds for a while and she was allowed items from the special tin!

This afternoon has been all about rest and recuperation

Easy does it

Anyway it's been a truly exhausting week both physically and emotionally

It's had lows and highs

I had started to feel a bit, well Februaryish

You get through January

Not much sunshine

You feel tired

Even when well rested

And things seem all a bit blah

Can't be botheredish

Take this evening for example

I really couldn't be bothered to cook tea

Hubby said we could have a Chinese

It was not worth it

I should have been bothered

But I couldn't be

I have lots of ideas all whirling around inside my head

But energy to concentrate on absolutely nothing

These feelings will pass

I know they will

Just as soon as I set them free

But it is so hard sometimes to see beyond the first move

You can be physically bogged down and paralysed

Tomorrow I shall try again

I will make a list

Not too long

And relish ticking off the tasks

And if my body requires rest maybe I should just give into it once in a while

Who knows I might even allow myself a small glass of something rather special in the afternoon

Blessings J. x


Thursday, 9 February 2017

In Celebration

It was benign

The lump that is


So now we can hopefully look forward to lots more loves and cuddles with our big gentle bear

She's doing fine

Had a checkup with the vet this morning

Lead walks only for the next week

She had a short walk this afternoon

And now she's zonked and we only pottered up the road

She won't be sitting in the stream for a while yet!

I am so relieved it's hard to put into words

But a very big thank you to all of you who kindly thought of Heidi on Tuesday and willed her to be alright

Heidi says woof!

Counting my blessings indeed. J. x


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Look Who's Home


Sleeping peacefully now

She wasn't happy coming out of the anaesthetic and I had a call before lunch asking if I could come and fetch her

Sadly I couldn't but youngest did get off an hour early

She didn't settle until I got home though

Poor baby

She goes back in on Thursday

And stitches out in twelve days

Just waiting for results of the tumour analysis

Thank you for all your supportive comments

Blessings J. x


Monday, 6 February 2017


Now there's a long word


And it can be a time consuming pass time

Yesterday I made a snuggle blanket for Heidi from old curtains

Plus some cotton bump

It's lovely and soft

And easily washable

It took me quite a long time



Then trimming

And pinning

Finally sewing

I interrupted my sewing with a short walk with you know who

So glad she didn't walk through this!

It was really rather bracing

Especially when the sun disappeared behind the clouds

A head down and for home decision was quickly made

Home and back beside the warmth of the fire

Even if it was a little messy

Heidi and I are very touched by all your messages of support

She is six years old, and will be seven in July

I haven't told Heidi, but I am aware that for a large dog she is entering old age

She is still my fur baby though

Heidi joined our family when Sonshine was going off to university

She filled a great big hole

Tomorrow is a big day for us

Hopefully I will come back next time with good news

Blessings J. x


Sunday, 5 February 2017


My shoulder has been taped for three days now

It still hurts, but I'm hopefully past the agony stage

Last evening I braved doing a small amount of knitting and reached the armhole on a front of my cardigan

And I slept reasonably well so fingers crossed

Heidi seems completely oblivious to the forthcoming events of next week

She's been getting extra cuddles which seem to make her extra tired as she's been snoring like an I don't know what really!

After a week of sweeping gales and strong winds it's beginning to turn colder again

I really must set to and get a good amount of logs in by the fireside today

I'd love to get the sewing machine out later and possibly make another padded throw thingy like the one Heidi has adopted

They are so each to pick up and wash and I want enough to change regularly this coming week when her wound could possibly weep a little

A roast to prepare for tea and that will be my day just about taken care of

I may fit in a little blog catch-up time but I apologise in advance if I haven't been commenting as much as usual on yours

A little thing called life has been getting rather in the way of late!

Blessings J. x

Thursday, 2 February 2017


Poor Heidi went to the vet yesterday

I was expecting the outcome really

She has a mammary tumour

Hopefully benign

Operation next Tuesday

My heart feels just a tiny bit wooden at the moment

You know the feeling

Dread at what might be

She however appears totally oblivious

My very large very lovable fur baby

Not a very good photo for clarity

But very good for showing how much a part of the family she is

Belated Imbolc Blessings

J. x