Monday, 9 January 2017


All has not been well here at Little Winter this year

Bugs have been a plenty

First the icky yuck bug

Followed rapidly by the sore throat and aches bug

Tremendous fun

I'm still very much being gripped by the sore throat and aches

Picked onion juice is my new best friend

Poor Heidi has not ventured very far

Though yesterday I did manage to drive her to our quiet drop off point for a good old run

Hopefully today she will get that at least

Hubby spent last night in the spare room

Can't say I blame him!

I've probably been wriggling and making noises all week

So what for today

I need to get something done


But lack of energy

And a fuddled brain

Makes things very difficult

Surely soon these nasties should be on their way

Blessings J. x


  1. Oh my you are getting the rough end of the bugs, lets hope this is the end of them for you.

  2. Fingers crossed you are getting the full year's worth out of the way now. x

  3. Oh you really are going through the wringer, Jackie. I really hope you're on the mend very soon. X

  4. Never mind about getting anything done. Whatever 'needs' doing will still be there when you are better....well it will if it's owt like our house cos no bugger else will do it.
    Just concentrate on getting better.
    Gentle hugs being sent your way-x-

  5. Hope things improve very soon, feeling under the weather is very frustrating

  6. I hope you will be feeling better really soon. I know how you feel. I caught the dreaded 'lurgy' before Christmas. In fact, I missed Christmas and New Year altogether. It felt like flu even though I'd had the 'jab' but like you it affected my tummy too. I felt a little better last week, but now it's back again. I'm cuddled up on my daybed, with a fluffy duvet. fur coverlet, hot water bottle, and a very strong hot toddy, so I expect I'll survive. Cheers


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