Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Still Meh

There's absolutely no getting away from it, hubby was making 'interesting' noises in the little room this morning and I still feel meh or bleh or anything pertaining to the word crap!

But never mind,

the weather...

Well this morning though I really did not feel like going to work I do have bills to pay so dragged myself out of bed and seeing how frosty it was decided to get the car running....

At least I did once I had got into said car...

The doors were stuck!

It registered -4, and this evening we're up to 5, though with a keen North wind it doesn't feel that high.

So once again I'm in bed with a hot bot...

So predictable!

Hopefully we'll be a little better tomorrow?!

Thank you for your good wishes,

It really is no fun ever to be feeling poorly.

Blessings J. x


  1. Oh Jackie.....poor you. I hope you get better soon.
    It's very cold here so a hot bottle for me again tonight too.

  2. Oh dear this bug seems to be doing the rounds, hope you are both better soon.

  3. Ooh you do sound poorly, yes, your hottle (hot bot) and pillows and sleep are definitely the best medicine x

  4. Oh no! It's that time of year. Look after yourselves. X

  5. Keep taking good care of yourself, if you're ill, you're ill. Best wishes, Tracy xx

  6. keep taking care of yourself. my hubby googled about preventing car doors sticking with the frost as I leave home for work at 7.30am and he always clears my car windows for me. Apparently if you spray some silicone spray or WD40 on a rag and then wipe the car rubber seals with it, both on the car and the door, it makes them waterproof so they don't stick. Did it this morning so as we're supposed to be below freezing tonight I will see if this works.

  7. It's horrible to feel ill but especially so when it is cold. Hope you are both feeling better soon. Jane xx


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