Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Sorry January

What do you hold dear to us January?

February has St Valentines Day

March is usually when we celebrate Mothering Sunday

And April usually entertains Easter

June has the Summer solstice

July...the summer holidays

August too!

September has back to school and the first whispers of Autumn

October has Halloween

November is the time for fireworks and bonfires

Leaving December with Winter solstice and Yule

So January, I know you have New Years Day...

But you also have flu epidemics...post Christmas blues

Heavy bills from higher utility bills and overspending in December

So I'm sorry January

But could you indeed be my least favourite month?

Blessings J. x


  1. I am rather partial to wassailing!

  2. Yes January you have rather slipped down my list of loved months this year.
    Normally I love the snuggling but I am feeling somewhat stir crazy having not had the energy to get out much.
    Hope your day went well yesterday.

    1. Yes thank you...business and pleasure combined! x


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