Monday, 16 January 2017

Let Me Tell You A Secret

Not that it's really a secret, but if you don't know then I suppose it is

Excitement is building at Little Winter

Tickets have been acquired for a certain open day at Prickly Nut Wood

Know where that is?

I'll give you a clue

Grand Designs

House in woods


Favourite of Kevin McLeod

Hubby and I are going with Sonshine in April

A festive gift with the added bonus that we go too!

Our whole family would love to come

But they can't

So it will be up to the three of us to make the most of our day and relay tales to the others!

Anyway though back on my feet I still just don't feel quite right

Energy levels aren't great

But I'm getting by...


The weather hasn't been very motivational

Dull mainly

Oh for a little snow!

I still haven't had a proper walk with Heidi since falling ill

Just not enough energy

I keep saying maybe later,

Then later comes and I'm all in

She's not doing so bad though

She has her runs

And chases 'Squeak' her Christmas ball

And cuddles

Lots of cuddles by the fire.

Which maybe is just how January should be.

Blessings J. x



  1. It will take a while for you to get back up to full strength I should think after everything you've had so carry on being kind to yourself.
    Today I am going to do exactly that as I feel absolutely rotten.
    Your day out sounds lovely-x-

  2. Glad you are still on the mend - I think that is exactly how January should be! x

  3. Sorry you're still knocked out, hope you feel better soon (but don't do my usual daft trick of pushing yourself before you are ready).

    As for your 'Secret" - oh my aching heart - can you feel the envy? For me, that particular episode of GD stands as one of the most iconic pieces of television in the last 20 years. Look forward to a very full and detailed report once you've been 😀

  4. Ben Law! Not far from here and have met people who know him. My Dad's been to a couple of his talks- he's a very good speaker apparently.


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