Monday, 30 January 2017

Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

So the old devil known as Joint Hypermobility Syndrome rears its ugly head

In other words I may have overdone the knitting at the weekend

I have been using bamboo needles but obviously the tension of making a few mistakes in the complicated pattern yesterday travelled up my arm and into my right shoulder area

Ouch doesn't come even close

I have just about managed my tasks of the day except one

Making the bed

Oh no

Getting into a jumble of bedclothes


However I have achieved a mighty pile of marking and have only one piece left to do

Caught-up-ness feels good!!

Tomorrow is a different job day

A different 'hat' to wear

All fun

The other day I was having a lovely cuddle with Heidi so decided to try and take a selfie

It didn't really work!

Someone with great big paws kept moving the phone camera and looking the other way

Fluff brain!

Think I'll be off up the wooden hill for an early night shortly, though I may well snuggle down and read in bed for a bit

After all my alarm is set for the morning and I'll need energy a plenty to get through the day

After work I want to remove the last traces of Winter decor in the cottage

Candlemass is almost upon us

Down with the holly, ivy, all

Wherewith ye dress'd the Christmas Hall

So I must

Blessings J. x



  1. Oh dear....what are you like?
    Have you tried those gloves that are supposed to help when doing anything repetitive?
    I had a friend who used them when quilting and doing tapestry and she swore by them.
    Hugs to help you get better-x-

    1. Thanks Sheila I will look into that...I presume they are compression gloves. Also looking at taping of shoulder...oh and lower back! x

  2. I suffer from this too. Just because I can bend a certain way doesn't mean I should. It can be painful at times. I hope it eases for you soon Jackie. X

    1. You poor thing...I'm going to try taping on my shoulder. x

  3. Oh no!! So sorry to read this. I do love how you write though and I think that is a great selfie with Heidi :)

    1. Yes I can still tap away. It's just a big pain...quite literally! x


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