Monday, 2 January 2017


Only day two of the year and the festivities have caught up with me.

I woke up in the night aching all over.

Things haven't improved much all day

So I'm back in bed with a hot bot.

Hubby was poorly too,

though his version kept him in the littlest room!

And he missed out on the tractor run.

The weather has been good today,

What little I've seen of it.

Dry but cold, little if any wind and some wintery sunshine.

Blessings J. x


  1. Feel better soon Jackie. X

  2. Awwww no.....get well soon both of you.
    Gentle hugs-x-

  3. Oh dear I hope you feel better soon, after being poorly last week I am now better and raring to go

  4. Keep warm, take care, feel better soon, blessings x

  5. Hope you rally soon m'dear! I noticed you talking about weather watching in your last post. Some of the other Morris dancers and I were talking about the same thing...if we didn't all talk about the weather what on earth would we talk about in the UK and whatever the weather is doing chances are we're complaining that it's not doing the right thing!


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