Sunday, 22 January 2017

Good To See

While I was poorly I resolutely still wore my was real eye opener how little we move when dogged by illness

So now it's satisfying to see my step patterns slowly rising back up to their previous levels

In the summer I was averaging about 12000 steps per day

Right now it's between 6 and 7k which I am happy with

In the summer with longer daylight hours it was easy and a pleasure to go for an evening stroll

Now I prefer to snuggle by the fire

The changing seasons I am happy to embrace

Heidi would not appreciate an after dark walk

She likes to snore from about 7pm!

Speaking of Heidi we are slightly concerned by a small lump we have discovered on her belly

She has a cyst on her back and I hope this is of the same ilk but I must muster up the courage to get it checked out soon

She has been a naughty girl and the other night broke into the rubbish

Unfortunately it was the night after we turned out the pantry cupboard and bravely ditched out of date items that had gone through two house moves!

So she ate rather a lot of green, black and pink icing

Then threw up

Charming pooch

My mind is a total whirl of ifs buts and maybes as we plot and plan our future

Good things may be on the horizon, but many times our dreams have gone down with the sun so until things actually materialise I'm not getting too excited

Life is going to be a lot of work for a few months

Hopefully I will finally become the organised person I long to be to allow myself some time to be creative

Goodness I haven't even taken any photos this year yet!

Anyway I've an appointment in the shower with daughters steam thingy to see if I like it enough to buy one tomorrow

Wish me luck!

Blessings J. x


  1. Good people deserve good things so I hope all of your dreams come to fruition.


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