Sunday, 1 January 2017

Day One

Let's see how this lasts...

I've long wanted to record the weather each day.

Early this morning I heard heavy rain beating down.

I didn't rise until after nine (shame on me),

since then it has scatted with rain for most of the day,

grey has been right on trend.

Hubby fixed up the lights in the shed at the top of the garden...

Strangely we lost supply to the house a few times, though I do trust him to do electrics.

I managed to keep the fire going all night so it has been lovely and toasty inside the cottage.

I called in to see eldest and her hubby after lunch, while other half sorted out his tractor ready for a road run tomorrow.

The temperature gage in the car dropped from around 5 to 3.5 soon after 3 this afternoon.

We are all really tired today and the effects of rich festive food are catching up with us.

Youngest has gone to work for the late shift and to sleep in.

We ate a meal of lamb leg steaks as a roast for dinner,

not from our usual butcher but from a supermarket.

Heidi did well with scraps from our plates...

Lesson well and truly learnt.

We have played a few games of uno, but now hubby is fast asleep in his chair,

the kettle is boiling on top of the woodburner making a very comforting sound,

and the only light is coming from the Christmas tree.

It all looks very pretty

Heidi is softly snoring at my feet

Sadly today it was not the type weather for a lovely woodland walk,

however I did take her for a run down a very little used lane.

She absolutely loves to follow the car,

and it gets her heart rate up better than on a ploddy walk with me.

Happy dog.

Insert pretend photo of Heidi asleep at my feet...

Being black and not much light she's just about invisible!

So barring telling you of my glass of port and lemon that's about the story of my life today.

Apart from a roast dinner eaten at midday no cooking or baking...

No laundry, and no hoovering or dusting...

I did bring in a few armfuls of logs earlier, and dishes as always have been plentiful.

There are a few roast potatoes leftover from dinner so I'll pop them in their dish straight on top the woodburner in a little while to heat through.

For now though I'm just enjoying the peace in the ambient light cast from the fire and tree.

Blessings J. x



  1. We have just had a lovely snuggly couple of hours in front of the fire and by by tree lights watching the most dreadful film I think I have ever seen. None of us could be bothered to get up and change it as we were so comfortable-x-

  2. A few years ago I participated in a knit called 'the sky scarf' ( where you knit a row a day to represent the weather. I knew I could not do that so I coloured a line in a note book daily and then every now and then I would knit several rows on one go. The link is to the present incarnation of the website - I see it is now a package deal rather than a blog post/KAL it was a few years ago. I did love the scarf (although I never finished it!!)

    Lovely post and lovely thoughts xx

  3. Don't you just miss the tree when it has gone. It looks beautiful. It's been dark and rainy here all day too. Not dog walking weather and our collie is still upset by all the fireworks last night. Have a Happy New Year. Jane xx


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