Sunday, 29 January 2017

Back Finished

The back is finished, and the left front begun


I did some write ups for a job yesterday and today have some folders to make some sort of sense from

A roast to cook

Yet more logs to bring in

A dog beast to walk

Then finally some more knitting

Though I must confess to it seemingly making me rather tired if I do too much at once

It must be all the concentrating

The weather isn't looking very inspiring today so I shall seek the help of some jaunty tunes to get me motivated

Talking of motivated

I need to arise from my warm pit

Hubby kindly brought me a cup of tea earlier and here I've been cocooned ever since

So a list, music, a fire, and the promise of good food later should get me through the work of the day

Then it's about pleasure



Who am I kidding!

Blessings J. x


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  1. That is such a gorgeous rich and warm.
    I love music on when I am doing jobs. Twice as much as I intended gets done if I can boogie round with the duster and


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