Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Small Chance

There's just a small chance that I may be human after all

Though a way to go yet

Namely grotty tonsils

But there is hope!

Today I've been at the paperwork mountain

And stocked up the indoor log supply

Well apparently it's a coming cold

The cavemen have been missing my cooking

So tonight they've been treated to a huge pan of beef stew and dumplings

Youngest appreciated Mum being back in the kitchen too

Bread has been baked this evening

A very rustic loaf


Heidi had a good run

I'm not yet up to walking sadly

The washing pile has been steadily shrinking throughout the day too

Great progress

Thanks for all your support

It's been much appreciated

And saved me some sad come angry tears

When I really felt just too ill

And wanted my Mum

Cos I can't have my Mum any more

So here's to onwards and upwards progress

Blessings J. x


  1. So, so pleased you are feeling better and you brought a tear to my eye in the end, hugs and love xx

  2. Brilliant news to hear that you are improving.
    Make sure you keep warm if there is snow on the way.
    Lots of hugs-x-

  3. Sending more 'get well' hugs, treat yourself gently and don't over do it x

  4. Keep on getting better, and don't spend too much time out in "the freezing temperatures" that the weathermen keep warning about. What's the betting it doesn't get as bad as they say!


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