Monday, 30 January 2017

Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

So the old devil known as Joint Hypermobility Syndrome rears its ugly head

In other words I may have overdone the knitting at the weekend

I have been using bamboo needles but obviously the tension of making a few mistakes in the complicated pattern yesterday travelled up my arm and into my right shoulder area

Ouch doesn't come even close

I have just about managed my tasks of the day except one

Making the bed

Oh no

Getting into a jumble of bedclothes


However I have achieved a mighty pile of marking and have only one piece left to do

Caught-up-ness feels good!!

Tomorrow is a different job day

A different 'hat' to wear

All fun

The other day I was having a lovely cuddle with Heidi so decided to try and take a selfie

It didn't really work!

Someone with great big paws kept moving the phone camera and looking the other way

Fluff brain!

Think I'll be off up the wooden hill for an early night shortly, though I may well snuggle down and read in bed for a bit

After all my alarm is set for the morning and I'll need energy a plenty to get through the day

After work I want to remove the last traces of Winter decor in the cottage

Candlemass is almost upon us

Down with the holly, ivy, all

Wherewith ye dress'd the Christmas Hall

So I must

Blessings J. x


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Back Finished

The back is finished, and the left front begun


I did some write ups for a job yesterday and today have some folders to make some sort of sense from

A roast to cook

Yet more logs to bring in

A dog beast to walk

Then finally some more knitting

Though I must confess to it seemingly making me rather tired if I do too much at once

It must be all the concentrating

The weather isn't looking very inspiring today so I shall seek the help of some jaunty tunes to get me motivated

Talking of motivated

I need to arise from my warm pit

Hubby kindly brought me a cup of tea earlier and here I've been cocooned ever since

So a list, music, a fire, and the promise of good food later should get me through the work of the day

Then it's about pleasure



Who am I kidding!

Blessings J. x


Thursday, 26 January 2017


There has been only one word in my book for the wind today


It has whipped my face and chilled me to the bone

I'm smiling inside now though as I sit next to this

Yes there is indeed a stray sock finishing it's drying draped over the logs

Well why not?


Pork chops along with roasting vegetables are in the oven and I am just waiting for hubby to return to the fold


After tea I shall do some more knitting

It is growing steadily and with 80% wool and 20% mohair is lovely and soft to work

It's the back in the picture

There will be cable on the fronts


The house really could do with a good old dust

But it's not upsetting me at the moment

I know I need to rest more than I need a spotless home


Tomorrow is going to be fairly busy with work

For which I am very grateful

Really I am!

But this evening I want to relax

I hope you all find the time to relax too


Blessings J. x


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Sorry January

What do you hold dear to us January?

February has St Valentines Day

March is usually when we celebrate Mothering Sunday

And April usually entertains Easter

June has the Summer solstice

July...the summer holidays

August too!

September has back to school and the first whispers of Autumn

October has Halloween

November is the time for fireworks and bonfires

Leaving December with Winter solstice and Yule

So January, I know you have New Years Day...

But you also have flu Christmas blues

Heavy bills from higher utility bills and overspending in December

So I'm sorry January

But could you indeed be my least favourite month?

Blessings J. x

Monday, 23 January 2017

Took One

A photo that is!

This little number is fresh on my needles

It's the beginning of a cabled hooded cardigan

The colour is called 'Beetroot'

And much as I'd love to shut the world away today and add rows to my project I have to set off to the city for a visit to the office

Yes the office is an hour and a half drive each way

Youngest is coming with me and hopefully there will be plenty of time for enjoyment also

A day away from the chores should do us both good

Though what little money we have won't be leaving our keeping on a whim!

Blessings J. x


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Good To See

While I was poorly I resolutely still wore my was real eye opener how little we move when dogged by illness

So now it's satisfying to see my step patterns slowly rising back up to their previous levels

In the summer I was averaging about 12000 steps per day

Right now it's between 6 and 7k which I am happy with

In the summer with longer daylight hours it was easy and a pleasure to go for an evening stroll

Now I prefer to snuggle by the fire

The changing seasons I am happy to embrace

Heidi would not appreciate an after dark walk

She likes to snore from about 7pm!

Speaking of Heidi we are slightly concerned by a small lump we have discovered on her belly

She has a cyst on her back and I hope this is of the same ilk but I must muster up the courage to get it checked out soon

She has been a naughty girl and the other night broke into the rubbish

Unfortunately it was the night after we turned out the pantry cupboard and bravely ditched out of date items that had gone through two house moves!

So she ate rather a lot of green, black and pink icing

Then threw up

Charming pooch

My mind is a total whirl of ifs buts and maybes as we plot and plan our future

Good things may be on the horizon, but many times our dreams have gone down with the sun so until things actually materialise I'm not getting too excited

Life is going to be a lot of work for a few months

Hopefully I will finally become the organised person I long to be to allow myself some time to be creative

Goodness I haven't even taken any photos this year yet!

Anyway I've an appointment in the shower with daughters steam thingy to see if I like it enough to buy one tomorrow

Wish me luck!

Blessings J. x

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Feeling A Bit Of A Plonker

Last Summer I was careless enough to bust my left little toe whilst parading barefoot around the kitchen


Last week I bust the same toe in the office doorframe

Even more ouch

The one consolation I have is that I'm wearing boots all the time which makes having a strapped toe easier to disguise

So do I now have the right to feel grumpy

Due to the constant pain?

When will I learn about the perils of going barefoot

Quite quickly I hope

Hubby had to get up at 2am to leave for Peterborough with a friend

They are off to the LAMMA show

He'll be back tomorrow

So an illicit evening ahead

Maybe I summon up the energy to begin knitting my hooded cardigan project

I really should

But first washing needs attending to

Logs need fetching in

Marking needs to be done


Oh where have they all come from?

A list needs making I feel

To give order to the days proceedings

Have fun with whatever you get up to

Blessings J. x

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Another Working Day

It must be bad...

I really don't want to go to work today...

After a restless night...

Let's hope it's not too noisy.

But I am lucky to have work,

I know...

I'll be fine once I get there...

It's just not the place to be if you're feeling a little bit under the weather if you know what I mean.

I'd love to post some beautiful photos,

Of a lovely tidy home...

Of beautiful walks in glorious winter sunshine...

Of an immaculate garden...

But this is not a fairy story!

Nobody will want to see cobwebs I'm sure...

Though they can be mighty pretty viewed in the firelight!


Work waits...

Blessings J. x

Monday, 16 January 2017

Let Me Tell You A Secret

Not that it's really a secret, but if you don't know then I suppose it is

Excitement is building at Little Winter

Tickets have been acquired for a certain open day at Prickly Nut Wood

Know where that is?

I'll give you a clue

Grand Designs

House in woods


Favourite of Kevin McLeod

Hubby and I are going with Sonshine in April

A festive gift with the added bonus that we go too!

Our whole family would love to come

But they can't

So it will be up to the three of us to make the most of our day and relay tales to the others!

Anyway though back on my feet I still just don't feel quite right

Energy levels aren't great

But I'm getting by...


The weather hasn't been very motivational

Dull mainly

Oh for a little snow!

I still haven't had a proper walk with Heidi since falling ill

Just not enough energy

I keep saying maybe later,

Then later comes and I'm all in

She's not doing so bad though

She has her runs

And chases 'Squeak' her Christmas ball

And cuddles

Lots of cuddles by the fire.

Which maybe is just how January should be.

Blessings J. x


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Wind Chill

Not much have I written about our daily weather this past week.
We had a lot of chilly grey stuff...
Followed by lots of grey and rain...
One dry okayish day...
Then lots of wind...
That's lots of wind...
And this morning lots of rain...
I had to go out after lunch and visit a learner...
It began to sleet as I climbed higher up into the hills...
Then on the way home it was zero degrees and blizzard like...
I wish I'd filmed it.
This evening the temperature is up to 4, the sleet and snow has stopped...
But the wind is really biting...
Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Keep warm and safe,
Blessings J. x

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Small Chance

There's just a small chance that I may be human after all

Though a way to go yet

Namely grotty tonsils

But there is hope!

Today I've been at the paperwork mountain

And stocked up the indoor log supply

Well apparently it's a coming cold

The cavemen have been missing my cooking

So tonight they've been treated to a huge pan of beef stew and dumplings

Youngest appreciated Mum being back in the kitchen too

Bread has been baked this evening

A very rustic loaf


Heidi had a good run

I'm not yet up to walking sadly

The washing pile has been steadily shrinking throughout the day too

Great progress

Thanks for all your support

It's been much appreciated

And saved me some sad come angry tears

When I really felt just too ill

And wanted my Mum

Cos I can't have my Mum any more

So here's to onwards and upwards progress

Blessings J. x

Monday, 9 January 2017


All has not been well here at Little Winter this year

Bugs have been a plenty

First the icky yuck bug

Followed rapidly by the sore throat and aches bug

Tremendous fun

I'm still very much being gripped by the sore throat and aches

Picked onion juice is my new best friend

Poor Heidi has not ventured very far

Though yesterday I did manage to drive her to our quiet drop off point for a good old run

Hopefully today she will get that at least

Hubby spent last night in the spare room

Can't say I blame him!

I've probably been wriggling and making noises all week

So what for today

I need to get something done


But lack of energy

And a fuddled brain

Makes things very difficult

Surely soon these nasties should be on their way

Blessings J. x

Friday, 6 January 2017

And On We Go

Very slowly I feel progress being made in certain parts of my body...
Namely tummy, and er...lower down...
I've even braved a morning cup of tea...
Albeit black...
So why does my throat now feel as if I've swallowed a load of rusty old razor blades?
I have a certain amount of paperwork that I do need to sort in readiness for my line manager to collect this afternoon...
I have to or basically I won't get paid...
The fire I hoped to keep in overnight didn't last so it's not as toasty downstairs as here in bed!
I shall venture back down and get it roaring before having a shower and hair wash...
Just not quite yet...
This bug leaves you feeling rather weak I notice...
Though yesterday I managed to eat quite a bit...
Strange things I fancied...
And youngest bless her went shopping for me...
Good girl!
First some gently fried cold potato with salad cream...
Next I went on a hunt for a tin of pears and some custard...
No joy, but I did find a butterscotch angel delight...
Whilst youngest was shopping I had a strange urge to eat salty crisps...
So I did...
Then she returned with bananas...
So I mashed one and down it went!
After all this, things went backwards slightly...
But later on I decided I really needed to venture forth to the log store...
One trip...
Two trips...
But later...
More trips...
And some washing...
And a quick hoover...
And take out rubbish and recycling...
Remove some tinsel...which has left red all over the bannister!
Then I cleared off and dusted the dresser...
But then a crash out...
I even opened the parcel of wool, though by this time it was quite dark, and I just confirmed that it is the correct colour though I didn't check the quantity...
Hubby came home...
And I apologised for making fun of him the other day when he carried a roll of toilet paper everywhere with him...
Next it was pizza for tea...
And for once I didn't care it came from a box...
Instead I was grateful...
It tasted rather good...
Then I finished off the angel delight...
Tummy kept making alarming noises which resulted in several trips up the stairs...
Just in case...
If you've ever had this bug you'll understand where I'm coming from!
And we may as well laugh about it when we can...
So what for today...
Well first job the fire...
The heart of our home...
Next a shower and change of clothing...
Then all the paperwork my manager needs...
Well after a mashed banana anyway...
Then the final few figures our accountant needs...
I had been waiting all through December to hear from them...
But didn't...
And was horrified to get an email reply the other day when I asked if I had missed any form of communication with them that they had sent a letter on 5th of a December!
Don't know where that went...
Usually we'd get a phone call also as back up...
So a big panic as the files I'd sent them had been in the wrong format...
PDF not Excel...
Oh bother...
So now a big rush to get everything completed and tax returns filed...
Never again will I leave it so late...
We didn't want a large accountants bill around the time of the wedding...
Actually we still don't want a large accountants bill...
So that's my day planned...
Except I've forgotten the task of tree removal...
Maybe there's a good reason for wanting to forget that messy job!!
Blessings J. x

Thursday, 5 January 2017


Yes beware the 2am innocent passing of wind!

Not good.

Not good at all.

So this yuck bug continues.

Yesterday I spent by the fire, the day, well what I saw of it was mostly grey, not quite as cold, but dry. In the afternoon there may have been a tiny patch of blue sky, but certainly not enough for a pair of trousers.

And today, well even from my bed I can feel it is cold, though without a white frost.

Today I feel is going to be another fireside day.

I have so much to do, but no energy to do anything.

This bug certainly knows its stuff.

Hubby is back to work, but he's still not 100%, though he appears able to eat.

Food is not my priority at the moment.

Last evening I managed an oxo cube in boiling water drink.

Oh when will this end?

Headaches, possibly from dehydration are never far away.

New wool has arrived and I've not had the energy to even open the parcel.

Now that is a sorry state of affairs.

Thank you to all of you who have sent your good wishes, kindness does help people to feel better.

Poor Heidi has been nowhere for two days, I wonder when her patience will run out?

So to the fireside once more!

Blessings J. x

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Still Meh

There's absolutely no getting away from it, hubby was making 'interesting' noises in the little room this morning and I still feel meh or bleh or anything pertaining to the word crap!

But never mind,

the weather...

Well this morning though I really did not feel like going to work I do have bills to pay so dragged myself out of bed and seeing how frosty it was decided to get the car running....

At least I did once I had got into said car...

The doors were stuck!

It registered -4, and this evening we're up to 5, though with a keen North wind it doesn't feel that high.

So once again I'm in bed with a hot bot...

So predictable!

Hopefully we'll be a little better tomorrow?!

Thank you for your good wishes,

It really is no fun ever to be feeling poorly.

Blessings J. x

Monday, 2 January 2017


Only day two of the year and the festivities have caught up with me.

I woke up in the night aching all over.

Things haven't improved much all day

So I'm back in bed with a hot bot.

Hubby was poorly too,

though his version kept him in the littlest room!

And he missed out on the tractor run.

The weather has been good today,

What little I've seen of it.

Dry but cold, little if any wind and some wintery sunshine.

Blessings J. x

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Day One

Let's see how this lasts...

I've long wanted to record the weather each day.

Early this morning I heard heavy rain beating down.

I didn't rise until after nine (shame on me),

since then it has scatted with rain for most of the day,

grey has been right on trend.

Hubby fixed up the lights in the shed at the top of the garden...

Strangely we lost supply to the house a few times, though I do trust him to do electrics.

I managed to keep the fire going all night so it has been lovely and toasty inside the cottage.

I called in to see eldest and her hubby after lunch, while other half sorted out his tractor ready for a road run tomorrow.

The temperature gage in the car dropped from around 5 to 3.5 soon after 3 this afternoon.

We are all really tired today and the effects of rich festive food are catching up with us.

Youngest has gone to work for the late shift and to sleep in.

We ate a meal of lamb leg steaks as a roast for dinner,

not from our usual butcher but from a supermarket.

Heidi did well with scraps from our plates...

Lesson well and truly learnt.

We have played a few games of uno, but now hubby is fast asleep in his chair,

the kettle is boiling on top of the woodburner making a very comforting sound,

and the only light is coming from the Christmas tree.

It all looks very pretty

Heidi is softly snoring at my feet

Sadly today it was not the type weather for a lovely woodland walk,

however I did take her for a run down a very little used lane.

She absolutely loves to follow the car,

and it gets her heart rate up better than on a ploddy walk with me.

Happy dog.

Insert pretend photo of Heidi asleep at my feet...

Being black and not much light she's just about invisible!

So barring telling you of my glass of port and lemon that's about the story of my life today.

Apart from a roast dinner eaten at midday no cooking or baking...

No laundry, and no hoovering or dusting...

I did bring in a few armfuls of logs earlier, and dishes as always have been plentiful.

There are a few roast potatoes leftover from dinner so I'll pop them in their dish straight on top the woodburner in a little while to heat through.

For now though I'm just enjoying the peace in the ambient light cast from the fire and tree.

Blessings J. x


Happy Gregorian New Year

There are several New Years dotted throughout the months

The academic New Year

The financial New Year


The farming New Year

But tomorrow dawns the beginning of 2017

We are off to our local pub later

In fancy dress

Sonshine has returned to his home farther north

He went with supplies of homemade goodies

I miss him already

On Monday I need to get back to the idea of marking and studying

And paperworking

Hubby will be off on a tractor run

We still have some cake left

The tree still stands though a little battle weary

We've eaten lots of fine foods

Played games

Walked through woods

Over indulged

Baked bread

Fetched logs

And the cavemen have built a shed with the help of Sonshine and son in law

It's a lot more finished that that now!

Anyway from Little Winter warm New Year blessings to all who read this little blog

It's lovely to hear your comments and through your blogs I have found a whole network of support, ideas and some fine reading material!

J. x