Tuesday, 20 December 2016

It's The What Of December!

Time flies and you don't need to even be having fun

We chose a tree

Actually Heidi chose a tree

This one everybody

We brought it home

And put it up

Before winter solstice

I may come to regret this but with youngest working shifts it's how it was

The two cavemen want tinsel all over said tree

No chance...though I have now flung carefully placed some around underneath for a bit of sparkle in lieu of gifts that Heidi could demolish

More mince pies have been baked for the carol service

The puddings are at last mixed


Though not yet boiled

A cake has been made...though just a boiled fruit one without nuts to suit all tastebuds

I work today and tomorrow then my work bags and books will be stashed away out of site for as long as possible

I don't yet have that giddy festive feeling

But it's not Christmas yet

Hopefully it will arrive on Christmas Eve

And there's an awful lot to do before then

Have fun

Blessings J. x



  1. Love the big fat Christmas tree. Heidi made a great choice. It looks perfect. You may not be feeling Christmassy but it must smell Christmassy at yours. The mince pies look delicious. X

  2. Yes it definitely is 'the what of December'.
    Where did the last few weeks go?
    I have done nowhere near as much as I was going to and I am not going to knock myself out to do it now. We have what we need and no more so that will do for me.

    I love your tree-x-

  3. What a stunning tree - fabulous choice Heidi!

  4. Cannot decide which is more beautiful - Heidi or your tree :). I am probably biased, having been "Staff" to a water-loving hairy hound for 13 years.


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