Monday, 7 November 2016

Which Cake?

Recipe one...

Take one cupful of love, add a handful of memories, a dash of wisdom, a spoonful of advice (optional)...if adding use a pinch of salt. To this mixture rub in as much kindness and understanding as the love mixture will absorb...Wrap in patience and leave to rise for as long as you like...when perfect bake until all the goodness has set, but still springs back when touched. This cake will keep forever if treasured.

Recipe two...

To a pound of scorn idly toss in as much anger, resentment, jealousy and hate as you have...grate some broken hearts and add to mix. Slop in any alcohol you haven't drowned your sorrows in and bung straight in a saucepan...leave to simmer for a week or so...until bubbling tip the whole lot in a deep tin and bake...any temperature will's going to be crap whatever...this cake will haunt you forever if baked.

Now I know everyone including me is going to choose the first recipe...but how many of us have unwanted ingredients from the second hanging around doing them no good at all...just be aware and remove any from your stores in case they accidentally get mixed together!

Blessings J. x



  1. I am on a diet - so cake 2 is one to avoid (but still sadly accessible in life's cupboard!) but cake one has no calories only love and light - eat that one!

  2. I try not to gather the ingredients for cake No 2. Life is too short for anger, hate and jealousy.
    Cake No 1 is always in my cake tin-x-

  3. I like this post...made me think.

  4. Thankfully none from recipe 2 for most of the time x


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