Monday, 14 November 2016

Self Protection

I have partially shut down in order to try and preserve my sanity.

Things I'm shutting out...

Possible moves...

Family issues...

They are still around...

But I refuse to give my thoughts and angst over to what might happen...

If it's going to happen I'll worry about it, but ifs buts and maybes can go and pester someone else...

I refuse to spoil my life any more.

So there


And a line under it for good measure.

Back to now and a big thank you all for your lovely and sometimes touching messages on my last post. A good walk is very restorative for the soul and so if for whatever reason someone cannot go personally on such walks it is such a shame. Knowing that in some small way that following a picture story of someone else's ramble lifts another's spirit is a great honour indeed...worth well...priceless.


Down to the stream...

Scrunching lots of these...

Nearly tripped over these!

Because I was looking up at this...

Then the long trudge up the hill...

To draw the curtains and light the fire...

And tuck into homemade potato pasty...

Pure bliss.

Blessings J. x



  1. Potato pasty sounds like good comfort food. Is it similar to Homity pie? Self preservation seems to be constantly in play here too Jackie. It's sad but necessary at times. Keep walking. X

    1.'ve not lived till you've eaten teddy (potato) pasty...shortcrust pastry...layers of potato,dotted with butter, salt and pepper...all the way to the top...I use around 2lbs sliced potatoes for each off with pastry, brush with milk and pour a little milk in the steam hole also...bake and enjoy hot or cold....delicious with homemade runner bean chutney...can do the same thing with swedes, though my favourite it potato. x

  2. I have just caught up after a busy few days and well done for not letting recipe 2 force its way in ;). I love Autumn - it comes through so well via your photos. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Autumn in all its riches truly is a beautiful sight to behold. Thank you. x

  3. A lovely walk and back to that fire and potato pasty...what utter bliss.
    Keep your chin up and don't let the buggers grind you down me darlin'.

    1. Thank you Sheila...coming up your way at the weekend...know you're going to be busy, but maybe one day we'll bump into one another! x

  4. Comfort food, warm fires, walks and dogs - all good for the soul, making you strong enough to deal with whatever is out there xx sending hugs x

  5. Hello Jackie (? is that right?) Daisy says 'woof' to Heidi but has no interest in following her into the water. Our previous four-paws, Ollie, was a Bearded Collie who we swore shared DNA with an otter . . . water was to sit in, wallow in, swim in, and not come out of until Mum absolutely put her foot down and got shouty. Any of that sound familiar?

    1.'s right! I am indeed a Jackie. Heidi loves water, and mud in equal measure...but she doesn't like to swim out of her depth which is strange for a Newfie...she is vertically challenged so that's a bit limiting really! She is a lovely dog to take for a walk as she doesn't stray so rather than shout I just say bye then and she comes galloping. x


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