Saturday, 5 November 2016

Night Comes Quickly

After a lovely morning, during which the sun shone beautifully, dark clouds, nearly as black as ink invaded the sky and very soon relinquished their ferocious contents upon any unfortunate beast unlucky enough still to be outside.

I'm glad to say that I just managed to rescue the washing, and had headed for shelter in time to gaze at the balls of ice descending from the sky.

Like bullets they sting the flesh, and together with a keen wind that has been blowing from the North, any decent soul would have been sensible to stay indoors.

I had been left to fend for myself at home with the dog today.

Not an unusual occurrence, but an opportunity for me to get some marking done.

Finding it too cold sat down marking I lit the fire fairly early. Though the sun was shining the wind negated much of its benefit today.

Washing blew on the line, but barely dried in the raw chill.

At lunchtime I was needing something warm to eat...

I settled on making a cheese and onion toasted sandwich.

For this I use the frying pan...

As good as any electrical gadget for that purpose and a darn sight easier to clean.

The kettle boils atop the woodburner, making a comforting tinking sound as it does.

More logs will need to be fetched from the store at the farm tomorrow.

I hope I can negotiate a deal with hubby that he fetches them whilst I perform amazing wizardry in the kitchen.

A boiled fruit cake may need to be part of the deal for packing next week, along with roast lamb steaks for lunch...albeit only part of a steak each!

I'm thinking if the cold continues another potato pasty would be welcomed at tea time...keeping me far too busy to fetch logs!

Yes, negotiations successful. The lure of a full belly has been enough to seal the deal!

Later this evening we are wrapping up and braving the cold to attend an organised fireworks display.

Heidi has crashed out in front of the fire, happily tired after a lovely run before the weather turned. I shall leave her with the radio playing for company and to reduce any bangs she may hear, though she never seems bothered by them.

So night comes quickly, daylight hours are a precious commodity not to be idly wasted. There are many compensations though, cosy fires, card games, jigsaw puzzles, knitting, and most of all contentment.

Blessings J. x



  1. I am sitting next to a most delicious wood burning fire, listening to distant fireworks - some too close for the cats and dog to ignore. We too went out in the brief but brittle cold sunshine and came back rosy cheeked and icy cold fingers and feet. We were going to brave the chill to watch a display but coursework and swotting unfortunately shouted louder, at least the animals have company and I have the fire :)

    1. We too are cosied up in front of a roaring free. It's a bit too warm if I'm honest. For me at least, the dogs dont seem to agree. It was as black as night during the day today here in the north east of England. The weather has come as a shock to the system.

  2. Andy managed to get back from town unscathed yesterday. Our weather here in the Midlands is just grey skies and wet stuff or hail stones.
    Luckily Smudge is going deaf and can no longer hear the fireworks that used to make him shake like a jelly. It used to be very traumatic watching him suffer so.
    Sounds lovely and cosy at your house-x-

  3. It has suddenly turned very cold here now. Lots of comfort food is required. I hope you enjoyed the fireworks. X


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