Friday, 7 October 2016

The Morning's Chill

Summer tried desperately to hold on, but past Mabon the days shorten rapidly and the magical dew sprites visit almost nightly.

Cobwebs glisten as fine as any lace cloths amongst the hedgerows.

For those willing to look there are many treasures to find, natural jewels to gather for the lean months of cold and damp.

My most recent pickings are rosehips.

Now with nothing more than a little gentle kitchen magic these have been turned from inedible berries to a sparkling elixir of syrup to be enjoyed in the months to come.

Hygge is the new word for cosy, hugs, contentment, warmth, satisfaction.

Well I'm pleased to report that collecting natures offerings makes me very happy.

I probably look like a reincarnation of Beatrix Potter with my knitted shawl, boots and basket as I wander the local lanes.

Heidi is my very willing companion.

We will be heading out again shortly, to gather more of whatever we find, ensuring that my table continues to look like this for a while longer yet.

Blessings to you all for your kind words after my last post. Hopefully this troubled feeling will soon pass. Gathering natures offerings is helping soothe my soul.

J. x



  1. You paint such beautiful pictures with your words Jackie.
    Rosehip syrup......bliss-x-

  2. There must be something very satisfying about having your stores full of home made and foraged produce. We have had some beautiful weather lately. I hope you are managing to find some peace within. X


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