Sunday, 30 October 2016


The air has been that eerie still, such as the calm before the storm these past few days.

We are shrouded in a mysterious haze.

Less dense than fog or mist, but still with a majestic presence.

Though this morning I can see the odd leaf moving in the hedge.

Generally life has been of this same ilk.

Plodding along.

Naturally slowing down after the harvests have been gathered in.

Samhain pronounced almost as sow in explaining in years gone by that all that had been sown was now gathered in.

It's easy to see how folks were very frightened by the stillness, the darkness, the lack of growing crops at this time of the year.

Along with dark shadows cast by flickering candlelight upon uneven walls, shuttered windows, sickness and death were never far away from most families.

Today I shall be decorating the cottage in readiness for our three day celebration of what is now referred to as Halloween.

Not in a spooky way particularly, more a natural look, cobwebs a plenty, flickering candles, though battery for safety, will light our way for most of the celebration.

We will invite in anyone who knocks at our door, offering sweets to the children and my improvised version of soul cakes which actually will be rock cakes, to their responsible adults.

These I believe were given to the poor 'old souls' who came begging for food.

So people have been knocking on doors asking for 'treats' for centuries, we can't blame everything on the Americans! Though in times gone by it was for need I suppose rather than fun.

How time changes things for some, yet there are still many starving in our world. I have a policy that if anyone asks me for money I refuse, but always offer them food and drink.

Basic needs, and instead of scorn a realisation that but for the grace of the gods there go I.

So we have all probably benefited from an extra hour in bed this morning, just remember why you'll be yawning well this evening.

Hubby is taking his newly restored cab-less tractor out on her first tractor run today. I've made sure he's wrapped up good and warm.

We've both been feeling the effects of the changing seasons with a few sniffles this past week and don't want these to get worse thanking ye kindly!

My energy levels are low, so much has happened in the past twelve months. Now I feel it's time to recharge for a while. Running on empty is not productive or condusive to happiness.

I'm not making any promises to get anything 'done' particularly.

What happens happens if energy and time work their special magic together.

I would like to knit another shawl in the same design as I knitted last year in a different colour.

I would like to finish eldest daughter and son in laws wedding gift by Winter solstice...we shall see.

I would like to document our foray into ww2 rationing much more on here.

I would like to find the time to comment on your lovely blogs more often than I have been of late.

But life in general takes presidence over these additional tasks.

This is officially slow season at Little Winter.

So whatever you're doing over these next few days, whatever your faith, beliefs or lack of, be kind to yourselves and others, that's all that really matters.

Blessings J. x


  1. It is the time of year to take stock, some deep breaths, be kind to ourselves and prepare for the winter months ahead of us. The last couple of days here have been damp, dark and foggy. Time to light some candles I think. X

  2. Luckily the fog has been pushed away by daylight here and it's very mild too. I love your posts about old traditions

    1. Yes a very mild All Hallows' Eve. Spooky! x

  3. How lovely to know that there are other people who still practise the old ways. Greetings from Norfolk. Blessed Be

    1. Thank you for your visit to my little patch of internet...I clicked to see if you had a blog also, but couldn't find one. Is this the case...I am to be found regularly blog hopping when not riding my broomstick! x

  4. Finally my season is here. I absolutely love this time of year. The quietness and stillness is magical to me and the early closing of the curtains, the lighting of lamps or candles just calms my soul and makes me feel human again.
    I don't know what it is about spring and summer but they make me angsty almost like there is some kind of battle going on inside me and I can't relax or get any peace.
    Have a wonderful Autumn Jackie.

    1. I love all the seasons, but in truth Autumn is my favourite...It's rich tapestry of colours...the smell of woodsmoke...the looking forwards to family time at Yuletide...deep breaths of loveliness. x


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