Sunday, 9 October 2016

Hubble Bubble

The words hubble bubble, toil and trouble have been springing to my mind as various vessels have been filled with jewel coloured liquids these past few days.

We have been blessed with a few days of lovely autumn weather, though rather windy at times. Dressed up in the correct attire (as in several removable layers) it really has been gorgeous.

Yesterday truly did find me practically bound to the kitchen perimeters, though I and Heidi took a lovely late afternoon ramble. We both picked blackberries, I brought mine home in my basket, whereas she ate directly from the prickly thorns.

I don't think Heidi understands the concept of storing for winter!

Yesterday I tasted the first of my blackberry cordial...with was delicious! I'm sure a little calorie laden also so it will be a treat rather than thirst quencher. (Well maybe)

The blackberries I had juiced using my steam juicer and not wanting to waste the berries afterwards I made some pastry, lined a tin, baked blind...

Next mixed in some sugar and cinnamon to the blackberries...and spread this over the pastry case. A basic sponge mix on top and hopefully I have an edible offering to take to the harvest festival this afternoon! If not I shall have to deny all knowledge as to who brought said offering! Have now tasted and it won't be making it to harvest! I should have sieved the blackberry mixture!

I also dealt with a load of tomatoes that were picked over a week ago...roasted with onions and garlic...skins and all, then blitzed...just right for topping pizza bases.

And for our tea...well a lovely but small piece of brisket cooked slowly on a generous bed of onions for most of the day tasted gorgeous with roasted potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, runner beans, carrots, peas and sweet corn. Lashings of onion gravy to boot! Yum it was indeed and just what was needed after a long day toiling in the kitchen.

Sadly my energy ran completely out the door after this and so there is still a small mountain of dishes to be attended to...well the beef one has charred welded onion remains, and the veg saucepans were just left to soak. I'm not expecting any elves in to do the housework this week so I guess it's another task with my name on it.

That was my yesterday. Happy all the way!

Blessings, J. X



  1. Your kitchen must have smelled wonderful with all those cooking aromas. The Autumn colours on your photographs are gorgeous. X

  2. Beautiful autumn photos.
    Something odd happened to your blog which is suddenly too wide for my laptop page, it was OK before - strange

  3. We're a bit short on elves and fairies round here too
    I love your table with the tartan cloth it looks beautiful-x-

  4. Sounds like a fantastically industrial day in the kitchen with some lovely results. Surely the 'elves' that helped eat the delicious fare should help with the washing up??!! :)


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