Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Autumn appears to have two faces...

The one I love beyond doubt, with sunrises so intricate in picking out natures details, clear still air, and beautiful deep blue skies.

Then there is the other face which barely shows sunrise. Heavy dew lies all day, and the chill air seeps into your very soul. These days can only be described as dank in my book.

A dank day can still be beautiful, but takes considerably more work in order to find that beauty a joyous thing.

Today is a dank day.

This is how we are coping so far.

Even heavy fur coated Heidi has chosen to glean comfort from the lit woodburner.

I find a list helpful on dank days to focus my mind.

Today I intend to be easy on myself so said list should be easily attainable.

Youngest is going to college this afternoon for her accounting course. She feels up to going and as all her stresses are work related and not anything to do with college I am hoping it does her good.

I wish her to eat more than a mouse today though. Being away all day yesterday I could not keep as close an eye as I would have liked. I know she didn't eat much at all. Thank you for your kind comments...yes I am giving lots of're never too old for cuddles are you.

And as I sit fire hugging a feint glimmer of sun appears to be breaking through...

I hope it makes it as one job on my list is fetch some logs.

Blessings to you all, I know many of you have your own anguish at the moment also. Together we are stronger. J. x



  1. We use the word dreich, yesterday was such a day and I spent most of it outside getting rather damp in the drizzle. Today fortunately is a lot brighter with a sunny bright blue sky - so am sending you a piece of my sun and sky to you and Heidi xx

    1. I really love the differences in the use iof our language. These are the words that have survived for centuries and conjure up vivid interpretations of things and situations. x

  2. I do admire today's coping method. We are luckily experiencing another beautiful day here. I hope an afternoon at college is helpful to your daughter and you can feed her up this evening. X

    1. It's been porridge for breakfast, will be pancakes for lunch and homemade pizza for tea. Stodge all the way...real stick to your ribs food. x

  3. Dark and damp here too although strangely it is quite warm so I am going to see how it goes before I light the fire. We can always snuggle under the sofa quilts if it gets really cold.
    Good to hear that your daughter has got out today.
    Keep on keeping cosy-x-

  4. We have been having some glorious weather the past few weeks, no dreich weather here but it will come, when it does things just carry on we just dress accordingly :-)


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