Monday, 10 October 2016

Choosing Wisely

Foraging is exciting, and lots of goodies there are for the picking.

But some, though beautiful are not for the taking.

Black Bryony, a real no no...

Honeysuckle, to be treated with more caution than I am prepared to worry about.

There are many more berries to avoid, but these are the two I photographed this afternoon.

These little beauties are in short supply this year...sloes

The ones I have managed to find are now in a large pan of mixed hedgerow cordial.

Hubby is out on his skittle evening, and I have retired to bed extra early. I feel quite weary if truth be told. Youngest has been signed off work with stress for two weeks as of this afternoon. She really has been in a very stressful situation for the last few months with a very unsettled resident and it has escalated in the last few weeks to beyond her breaking point. All I can do is give hugs and support and trust the medication prescribed by the doctor will do her much good.

Tomorrow I have an extra early start as I need to be in Exeter. I'll not be happy leaving my baby by herself but unfortunately needs must. Heidi will keep her in good company I'm sure.

The other day I changed my header picture and Sue has mentioned that my blog no longer fitted width ways...I hope I have remedied this.

Blessings J. X



  1. Yes, sorted!
    Hope your youngest has a good rest while off- mind and body.

  2. Very sorry to read about your daughter Jackie.
    Give her an extra special squidgy hug from can never have too many can you-x-

  3. I hope youngest is OK Jackie. Lots of TLC required I think. It sounds like she's had a very stressful time of it. X

  4. I am glad to hear your daughter is feeling a little better. With the great love and care of her family around her I hope she continues steadily on her road to recovery. Who'd be a parent eh!


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