Tuesday, 12 July 2016

70 Miles

Yay...go me...I've walked over 70 miles in the last two weeks...I feel fitter already...the most I've trotted up in one day is 7.02 miles...someday soon I hope to toddle for ten! Probably not today though as I did something very silly on Sunday evening...having a poke at some dry skin on the side of my big toe I decided to pull it off, and in doing so also peeled off tender skin from under said toe...it managed to bleed all night!

I have resisted doughnut urges at work...nibbles at the pub on Saturday night, and dessert on Sunday knowing that there was birthday cake...

We've eked out the months worth of meat I purchased back, oh the end of May I believe, and are now down to very slim pickings in the freezer...so it will soon be time for another spend out at our butcher of choice...it has been surprising how little meat done right can be really tasty...I really thought I was pushing my luck with the cavemen yesterday but a few scraps of bacon...literally...sufficed!

This morning, after two very slight gains the past two mornings...I've dropped .4 of a pound...It seems like if I eat more carbs they stay in the body for longer, they hold onto more fluid as well...though it could be fat turning to muscle also...which is what I hope will happen as I don't just want to be a slim looking fatty!

Today I really need to head to Barnstaple...don't want to but almost have to!

Looking very much like wet play today so back home for a paperwork session too!

J. X


  1. Ouch....that sounds really sore.
    Well done on your seventy miles. That's fab-x-

  2. Ouch! Well done with all the walking, keep at it (once your toe has forgiven you!)x


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