Sunday, 12 June 2016


Last evening after accomplishing a tea of roasted lamb with all the trimmings I can only have been described as weary...

I can hardly believe that a full week has sped by without me getting the opportunity to leave a few words here...

So what have I been up to, and well you may ask...Monday was a full on work day followed by paperwork in the evening, Tuesday was all morning frantically finishing the dreaded VAT...just managed it! A visit to Lidl, then stop off to sort out wedding plans and stop eldest daughter panicking...deliver a couple invites then home to tea...Wednesday I popped out to visit a friend whose daughter was being girl now safely arrived...later on I had a meeting with the man who's assessing me during my assessors course (very confusing), I then went a gathering elderflowers and started the first batch of cordial, Thursday I gathered a load more elderflowers and prepared some for the freezer and some are drying on cardboard as my dehydrator is still living miles from here! Friday morning was going to be relaxing however hubby needed something picking up from Barnstaple (miles away!) so off I trotted...and while I was going took youngest to Wicks with the wood they delivered wrongly and to collect the proper stuff...I'd like to call Wicks a name or two as it's been a catalogue of errors however I was brought up properly so shall only utter them to myself! In the afternoon I worked and into early evening arriving home to hubby avec visitors!...we ate very late at the local pub...Saturday morning found me muddling through some housework...well damage limitation really as the digger was back in action outside...the rains had come...and mud was getting trapsed everywhere...I had to meet learners after lunch and was supposed to be picking up a parcel on the way home as I'd diverted the delivery to the pick up point for DPD the day before as I was going to be parcel...gee thanks...being held at Clyst Honiton depot on their tracker...err why? No explanation (read dopey forgot it?) Found customer service email and asked polite question...mail failure demon returned it to me! Grrrrr....anyway home and time to start the roast lamb. Digger being collected around six so caveman one and caveman two frantically digging trenches for retaining walls and drains...very sweaty...a third caveman...soon to be son in law...helped in the morning thankfully else they wouldn't have stood a chance at getting tea and titter really until I realised I hadn't even begun to strain the first batch of cordial ready for boiling (oops) and to bed! So now it's Sunday...hubby is off on another tractor run shortly, we have a moat outside the patio doors that Heidi has taken to firstly drinking out of while walking in it then flopping down in...lovely! I have an anti terrorism course to complete and maybe a trip to the in laws house to collect some more 'stuff', not forgetting to boil the cordial and relax!

I've also managed to catch up on watching the sewing bee, rather them than me, though with some of the errors made I do wonder what the selection process consisted of?! The same with bake off really.

Nearly forgot to mention that hubby finally made the pantry cupboard

I feel as though I've put back on some weight and am attributing this to bought in cakes rather than homemade...goodness knows what goes in them, but they don't fill you up...basically crap in posh packaging...I purchased them before the cooker arrived and hungry cavemen demanded cake! If it's there I'll eat it, and even more so with bought in bits. Hang head in shame as I've only myself to blame.

So the garden is a bomb site, the greenhouse neglected, the veg unplanted, the house dusty, the dog in need of a shower, the floor needs a scrub, but any work of this kind I feel would be futile at the moment, so as the birds are singing beautifully, it's not actually raining at the moment and I have breath in my body I intend to enjoy the day for what it is. Big heart to possibilities...and onwards!

Some photos that sum up the past week...








My favourite photo of the week though is this...

Until next time...J. X



  1. You have such a wonderful attitude. With all that I would a gibbering wreck by now being carted off to the funny farm.
    Hope you can manage some relaxation during the next week.
    Hugs -x-

  2. I'm not surprised you haven't had time to post. I know what you mean about bought cake. Lily won't eat it! Lovely photographs (I like tree pictures) and good to see you have had some time to breathe. X

  3. You have been busy!That is the problem with cake - bought in or otherwise, if it is there - it needs eating :(. My favourite picture is also the lat - with the heart shaped light at the end of the path x


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