Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My Life In Words

Started feeling rather poorly last evening and sorry to report that nothing has improved this morning so currently wrapped in a blanket and sipping hot tea I've decided to weigh up my life...

Glass half empty scenario...




Fed up






Glass half full scenario...




Ok so I feel like crap...the mud and dust is getting to me and it's still spitting with rain...

I just hope...truly hope for the physical and emotional energy to make good the living area here at Little Winter today.

I started to briwax the dresser at the weekend and boy is it darn hard work buffing it all up. Yesterday after work I unpacked some ornaments and had a fiddle about placing things...yep in a cottage full of dust and mud!

What can I say I am a woman after all and do like things to be nice!

Still more buffing required...maybe another day though...

Next job is add these...

In with these...

Though I'm liking the look in the photo in reality they look a little sparse...

Now for the real brave bit...

Showing the yucky bit...

Necessary but evil...

Dust sheets and blankets everywhere...

Dogs don't wear wellies...

And outside...well...

Door step to side of cottage...

Outside patio doors...

So much as I'd love to get rid of the dust sheets...

Common sense says they stay...

Sad face!

Now I feel as though I've bared all.

J. X



  1. Sounds like you need a good rest and a bit of tlc, buffing and dust sheets can all wait. x

  2. Keep drinking that tea Jackie (I've just made one myself). It will get better. Sometimes life does feel rubbish and it can be hard to focus on the positives. The dresser is looking rather fabulous. Put the flowers on it and focus on that today. X

    1. The dresser is indeed looking mighty fine...now if I catch anyone dumping stuff on it I will so...well remove it! x

  3. Oh no Jackie.....I am so sorry that you are feeling poorly. Please get well soon.
    Briwax is like a swear word to me...I hate the stuff with a passion after years of waxing furniture and fire surrounds. In the end it was either it or me. I am still here and the Briwax is long gone...lol.

    1. Such a shame I love the look of waxed wood. x

  4. Things always feel worse when you are not well, when it is night time and when you are tired - sometimes a bit of self pity is all you need to make you realise that things are not that bad, it just takes a little time and a lot of tea and tissues - sending hugs x

    1. Thank you for your restorative words. x

  5. I am not looking forward to starting our building work been through it before, its not easy to live with and very mentally tiring, It will get there just keep thinking this time next year

    1. Oh I do hope we'll have finished by next this time next year! x


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