Monday, 20 June 2016

Happy Summer Solstice

Hope you are all enjoying the Summer solstice today...

Skies have been a little grey and I'm none too hopeful of seeing much of the strawberry moon or honey moon...but I will gaze wistfully out of the window later on.

Whilst trudging through some woodland the other day I came across a holly and oak tree growing together...

They grow near the sacred Spring...

I guess from now on the holly will rule over the oak until Yule...

So be prepared...the nights will start drawing in from now on!

Ah well...J. x



  1. .....and a Happy Summer Solstice to you Jackie.
    It's still just about light here and looking through my window I can see the most beautiful colours in the sky. Some very grey clouds, a little slice of blue sky and rosy pink clouds. The setting sun is down behind the trees now but I can still see the light shining through the branches. It's beautiful.
    On the countdown to Christmas now

  2. Happy Summer Solstice to you too Jackie. It's been a lovely day here and it's still very light out. I can't think the nights will be slowly drawing in from now on. X

  3. Happy Solstice to you too :) Here is to Summer and the reign of the Holly King :)


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