Thursday, 30 June 2016

Below Par

I now have proof that I'm not getting the bestest nights sleep around...

Last night I set the Fitbit to sensitive...

As opposed to normal the night before when I know I tossed and turned like crazy and woke up a few times...

I took myself upstairs at about 8:30 to read for a while...

By 9:30 eyelids were drooping...

But then...well we've all been there...

When we first moved to Little Winter I slept like a log...

I don't normally react to drinking tea later in the day, but maybe I should watch it...

The main culprit though is things going on overload...

Wedding planning, course, new job, finances, building work...


Any tips apart from taking off in a cloud of dust never to be heard of again?!

J. X




  1. Awww hun....I wish I had a magic answer for you but I don't.
    All I can say is that when I used to have really bad sleep problems I used to listen to audio books rather than read. It was recommended to me by a nurse at our doctors surgery and it really did work-x-

    1. Could you perhaps sew a magic wand! I downloaded an audio book last night but it was taking ages so time will tell on that tip. x

  2. I am a notoriously bad sleeper and only recently (last couple of years) discovered the delights of herbal 'sleepy teas' they don't knock you out like the tradition (and not recommended) sleeping tabs but they quieten a busy mind and if you should wake up during the night, you quickly drift back to sleep again - I rotate the different styles so I don't (hopefully) become tolerant to them xx

    1. Pray do tell me the names of said sleepy teas! x

    2. Hi, tried to email but unable to find a link to an address. Sleepy teas - I use Celestial sleepytime herbal tea, clipper snore and peace and yogi tea bedtime. As said, I loosely rotate them every few weeks, they do not make you fall asleep - I stress this as some folk think that by drinking them they will drop off as if they'd taken a sleeping tablet. They work by calming a busy brain, drink about 20 - 30 mins before bedtime, and when you lie quietly, clear your head, just listen to your breathing and fall asleep!
      And you are not too late to add your photos xxxxx

    3. Thank you...I'll take a look ...last night I succeeded by kind of repeating in my head...the only thing I can truly own and take control of in this world is myself...and mentally drew a circle around what I could and couldn't have any effect on...kind of worked too! By the way my photos wouldn't upload last evening but are there now for all to see should anyone wish! x

  3. I am going through something similar. There is so much going on here at the moment. Nothing massive but lots of little things can get on top of you just the same. Trying to focus on what's important and seek pleasure in the simple things. X

    1. Your wedding can't be far off now...I can relate to whizzy mind wedding syndrome...go easy...J. x


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