Saturday, 28 May 2016

Packing Meat Rations

Sonshine is home to stay for a week from JCB land...Yippee!!

On Thursday I took the bull by the horns and travelled without a passport all the way across the Devon border and into Cornwall! Here is a butchers that I barley beef lurking here! Philip Warren & Son...there must be about 20 butchers in there on the go all the time it's so popular! I purchased a goodly amount of meat...523oz actually...this is just about the right amount until 28th June.

The extra rations have been allowed for visiting relatives as I'm assuming that they would have come with their ration books! They better way have! We don't have our large freezer here at Little Winter so I was risking it a bit as to whether it would squeeze into the space we do have...Luckily I have a vacuum packer which I must confess to not having used much before but now I can see it as being a vital tool for maximum storage...

Our shrink wrapped rations! Most of the right hand compartment is Heidi's...

I'm almost hoping for very un-barbecue weather as they tend to consume vast amounts of meat! I have used weight rather than value to give us our ration quantity...and have further deviated by amalgamating the meat and bacon/ham weights...

I believe the meat that is mass produced nowadays is of far less nutritional value than what it was years ago...I do not want to make us ill, just be more aware of how much we are consuming and at the same time be sensible with the purse strings...for me that does not equate to buying rubbish though I am happy to buy the cheaper cuts of a quality beast.

My ration buying is vastly different from wartime...but it's more economic for us and realistic in today's society...In a way it's more of a temptation now because we could have more...back in wartime there simply wasn't that option...and that's a scenario that I hope never happens again...

I'm off now to pop the bedding in the wash that I postponed from yesterday due to the's hoping for a good drying session though it looks like we're in for some rumbles of thunder later...

J. X



  1. We are having a barbecue today. Hubby wanted to go out and I didn't so I went and bought stuff to grill instead. I didn't go as mad with the meat as he does though which is probably why he is being a grumpy old git-x-

    1. Sheila...I can concur with the grumpy old git...I have his twin with me here! x


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