Saturday, 28 May 2016

May Photo Hunt

Joining again with for a scavenger photo hunt...

First up is path...

This lovely path we walk along regularly...

Next hairy...

When you're this hairy you need the cool down!


These were really rather yummy...cranberry buns with white chocolate and cream cheese topping...


Need I say more!


Don't have a photo of a poem...

But I do have one that I've written...


The dawn had shown me its promise,

Of what the day would bring,

With its heat and haze and sunshine,

And other summer things.

Now here beside the river,

Far away from dust and grime,

I can relax and enjoy myself,

And have a lovely time.

I dangle my toes in the water,

So cool and crystal clear,

Oh but you lucky little fishes,

You must be to live in here.

The great majestic oak trees,

That grow along the riverside,

Provide a beautiful canopy of shade,

From the midday sun to hide.

How peaceful and so tranquil,

To lie back upon the grass,

And gaze up heavenwards through the leaves,

Then just forget the past,

But get lost in ones own wonder,

A fairytale for now,

'Till time once more it beckons me,

And it's homewards I must plough.


Three hands!


The range at Montacute House...


The beautiful shadows of early summer...

View from a window...

What was a window...becoming a patio door!

My choice...

Hard work...

But worth while!

I hope you've enjoyed this selection...

Why not take a peek at what the others have come up with?

J. x



  1. Gorgeous pics.
    I am in love with the range-x-

  2. Love your pictures, especially the wet hairy dog, your lovely poem and I can almost smell the wild garlic alongside your path.

  3. I am loving your selection and interpretations - excellent :) Favourite? Has to be your log pile (log pile envy here) and your poem is wonderful x

  4. Great pictures Jackie. I especially love the carrots. X

  5. What a wonderful selection. Loved both your path and old range. Your poem is lovely and I was going to put one of my own on, but then had second thoughts, so am glad that someone has been game to do that. Take care.

  6. I love your hairy photo! Is that a NewFoundland?

  7. Yay, I love your hairy dog photo! Just beautiful! Ha, yes indeed re the carrots!!!! Your poem is beautiful!x


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