Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Getting Tougher

To be honest at first I thought the meat ration I had allowed us would not be too bad...However I didn't quite allow for two hungry cavemen living in the house and their aversion to delights such as rice or pasta!

We also had a barbecue over the beautiful weekend...barbecues at ours tend to be heavy on the meat...

Now I am facing some dilemmas in my experiment...during wartime...if you had invited people over to a meal would you have expected them to bring the portion of ration coupons over to cover what they would eat? We had guests last week, and consequently the cottage pie I made only served us for one meal instead of the usual two...(well two if I stood guard over it clutching a wooden spoon!)...

So what to do...one bit of good news is that we came up trumps in the meat draw again...and again a small pork joint has slid into the nether regions of our freezer...don't let on to the powers that be just in case!

Milk as I feared is a problem...but I'm loathe to discourage youngest from drinking it...she suffered quite acute anemia a while ago, so whether she would have been allowed extra perhaps I shall look into...

It is beginning to feel just a tiny bit more real now...stores of everyday useful items are running lower...

The person in charge of the families ration books must have ruled with a rod of iron sometimes...we're doing it for fun...others did it for real...and for so long. Shudder...

Anyway...my list of duties for today is almost ticked off...

I am awaiting the hungry cavemen...

Youngest has gone off to work...later than usual on a short shift and sleep in...

This meant she had to eat before she went..precious ounces of rations!

Not taken today...these photos remind me of the beautiful weather we have had this past week...not today though...today has been pretty yuck...and a day to worry about the rations that I have to eek out for the rest of the month...

J. X



  1. Is there nothing you can forage to bulk out meals, nettle soup, young danelion leaves willow bay or fungi, wild garlic is still about too,

  2. Oh yes there's plenty to do that with...but both males like their meat to be a reasonable feature on the plate...I am going to have to get crafty! x

  3. The only time I can remember being slapped as a child was during the war.....I came home from school and cut myself
    some bread and butter and when my mother came in from the garden she looked at the butter dish and burst into tears. .
    The butter I had used was meant to last for the rest of the week.
    We ate rabbit quite a lot as this was not rationed but the queue to buy it was very long and sometimes it was sold out before your turn

    1. Oh dear...I'm sure the memory stayed with your Mother also, and probably with much regret. At a guess there were many such instances such as yours where no harm was done but frustration got the better of someone. Where we live we could probably find us a rabbit fairly easily. Both cavemen own shotguns...which makes me wonder would we have been selling them on the black market? Humm. x

  4. I like to think I would have coped with war time rations but I don't know as I would have done. I have a meat monster in my house. DD and I aren't so bothered though. Milk might have been OK as none of us here drink it much other than in tea or coffee.
    I read somewhere that some communities bought a pig and fed it between them and then shared the meat when it was slaughtered. So that could be where your pork came from-x-

    1. Remember though that whenever a pig was slaughtered the local policeman had to be present, and that half the pig went straight to the government to be used in emergency feeding centres. Also take into consideration you had to give up your bacon ration for a full year...then share half piggie between whoever was in your pig club...me thinks lots of piggies used to hide in remote barns! x


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