Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A Very Distant Memory

Something the lovely ( well I've never met her but she seems lovely ) Sheila at remarked about pretending that my meat raffle pork had in fact come from a pig club pig brought to mind a story I remember from many years ago while sat on my grandparents horsehair chaise lounge. They were in their 90's and I was probably pre school age...anyway there was talk about my grandfather who had flat feet and could not join up to fight in what was probably the First World War, busking his way to London (he played an accordion) with a pig destined for the black market in a coffin...

Unimaginable as this is it is quite possibly true...I know his family had butchers shops in London, but came to Devon and bought a farm...I don't think all his family were as good a farmers as they were butchers and eventually they lost the farm, but grandad worked on farms afterwards and did not return to London...he'd met my gran who initially from Marazion, had moved with her family up to Woolsfardisworthy...I think her father was Headmaster at the local school. I thought her mother was school mam too, but not sure how this worked as were husband and wife allowed to work together? This is quite possibly my fathers gran who kept a small bottle of something under her apron...probably for when all the little darlings played up too much! Oh my goodness where have I come from! It's ok of my brothers in law has traced my mothers family back to Edward 1st!

The equally lovely (but not met either ) Dawn from over at has suggested foraging for wild foods to bulk out the meat ration...yes I need to be more adventurous...though cavemen, unless it's a plateful of potatoes get mighty suspicious! Ideas anyone?

Tonight we have a tiny amount of chicken left over from yesterday which I'm planning on adding just as tiny an amount of bacon snipped up

Sliced potatoes and onions, par boiled in milk and butter, with plenty of salt and pepper...mix in the cooked chicken and bake for half an with snipped pieces of bacon and cook until delicious! Hopefully the quantity of potatoes will disguise the fact that there's not much meat...Add veg to the plate and tuck in...

A word to the not be tempted to save the butter ration for something else and use goes a horrible curdley... this I know from personal experience.

At the moment people are feeling sorry at our lack of cooking facilities and supplying us with a steady stream of cakes for cavemen packed lunches...this will change...then I'll not have fats left over at the end of the week that's for sure.

Looks like's thunder rain at the not going to be a pegging out day...I'm off to the big town bra and tights needed in time for nieces wedding on Saturday.

A picture to leave you with...

Tip toeing amongst the bluebells...

J. x



  1. What a lovely story, I can see it it now busking with a pig in a coffin, that did make me laugh :-)

    1. Goodness knows if he played this little piggy went to market! x

  2. What fabulous family stories.

    We have a friend who gathers roadkill to supplement his meat rations. He can't drive past a dead animal without stopping to see if it's fit to eat. I just couldn't....I'm way too squeamish.

    Oh gawd.....bra worst nightmare......have fun-x-

  3. How tasty! No I haven't started doing that just yet. x

  4. The mind boggles at your story of pigs and buskers! On the foraging side of things, is bit early in the season for anything substantial however there are many books (from your library)or info on the internet about seasonal things to forage, years ago, living in Devon, my (now) husband and I foraged to supplement our meagre pennies but it was through summer and autumn and there was more natural bounty. It is interesting to see how you are getting on x


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