Thursday, 21 April 2016

We're In!

So we've slept at Little Winter for the last two nights...and sleep I have! The lack of curtains has surprisingly not bothered me at all. There is still much to do back at the bungalow, and plenty more needs attention here. Skirting boards should be delivered today....yes after the carpet is already fitted. We have no cooker as yet, last night we had a disposable barbecue, being hubby's birthday, and the first night we ate a very welcome chinese.

Heidi is settling in to new smells and noises, she's keeping pretty close to 'Mum' though! If you sleep at the bottom of the stairs apparently no one can escape in the night and abandon you forever!

Today I shall be fetching more detritus treasured possessions from the bungalow and sorting them...dusting some more and preparing a stew atop the woodburner. Apparently we're in for a chilly weekend. Not sure where my phone is, not that there's any signal here anyway, but it takes better photos than the iPad.

So here's just a taster...'s moving chaos!

J. X



  1. Fantastic.
    Wishing you every happiness in your new home-x-

  2. Wonderful news, the start of a new chapter wishing you both all the very best at Little Winter :-)

  3. Fantastic news. I'm sure you'll be settled in no time. X

  4. Great news, wishing you much happiness there.


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