Monday, 4 April 2016

The Cottage Has Shrunk

I am in turmoil

I fear the cottage has indeed shrunk

Feeling slightly panicky

The cause of this sudden situation

The men took over our large American style fridge freezer

The kitchen seems to have halved in size

I think I need to rethink the furniture that goes in the living room side

Oh dear

The woes of having lived in a largish farmhouse and having furniture to match those proportions only to downsize

To take the large oak dresser or the engineers desk

Hubby says he may be able to take the desk apart and take that upstairs to the spare room come office

I'm not so sure it will fit

Major rejigging plans required

But tonight I really am beginning to panic

I don't want the place to look junky

Keep calm and carry on painting

Or keep calm and carry on mopping up dust particles

Or to hell with it and P A N I C

Night all, J. X


  1. It will only 'make sense' once it is all in situ, only then will you realise what is right and what needs to move around - don't worry, it will sort itself out and try not to worry or do too much!

  2. We had a similar problem coming from a house twice the size of this, we plan to do an extension and I am reluctant to get rid of furniture only to buy it again.

  3. Oh no......I'd probably PANIC if loved furniture wouldn't fit. I hope it all works out for you-x-


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