Friday, 29 April 2016

Oh My!

I have decided that I must have hoarding tendencies...of the food variety...

I could probably feed a hundred people for a week or so...albeit not very well, on various supplies I have accumulated.

Partly I'm laying the blame at Approved Food...I did a massive order ages ago for tins of rice pudding, custard, pineapple, golden syrup, along with some packets of cup a soups...turns out I don't use many tins of apricots but I shall...oh I shall!

I'm also an occasional shopper at Booker, where cheapness comes with bulk buying.

Oh dear!

Given little storage space at Little Winter, and not wanting to have a long journey to the in laws every time I want to replenish stocks of something, I have hidden a stash in the attic! No one else knows so keep it under your hat!!

There are still many boxes to bring back from the in laws, but not I need a break, and a Pilates class, and to write a rather chunky essay for new job...oh and bills need paying...such is the exciting life here at Little Winter...

Yep...this much exciting...

Now does anyone have any recipes to use tinned apricots so that they don't taste like apricots any more...and can be cooked on top th woodburner? I appear to have a...cough splutter...few dozen tins to use!!

J. x




  1. Ooooooh tinned apricots. One of my most favourite things.
    I've never actually cooked with them as I like them just as they are but could you use them in a sort of Moroccan style lamb dish......not something I have ever made to be honest but it was all I could think of-x-

  2. Nothing wrong with having plenty of supplies in, you never know whats around the corner not really an apricot person so cant help you with that one :-)

  3. I have nominated you for a Libester blog award pop over to my blog for details :-)


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