Saturday, 9 April 2016

Amongst Other Things

The identification of two peg pants.

Yes yesterday I sadly admitted to myself whilst hanging out the washing that my once svelte undergarments now are in need of two peg support! No photo...can't think why! Whereas in comparison youngest daughter's could merrily be hung in the labels as that seems the most substantial piece of cloth they possess.

But anyway perhaps if I stopped cooking up things like this...

Sliced potatoes, onions, salt, pepper, and cream, topped up with milk...

Then loaded with belly pork and slow cooked in the oven I wouldn't be needing two peg panties. Trouble with that equation is that the above dish was mighty yummy in fact that it was all eaten before I even thought about taking a photo!

Tuesday found me travelling to Bristol with eldest daughter to visit hubby's niece. She's doing really well and has been allowed home for the weekend though has a hospital bed and commode downstairs. Her sight is much better that the original diagnosis, though it's still going to be a long road of recovery. She is starting school at the hospital on escape!

Tuesday was also the day our tumble dryer nearly caught fire. We are so lucky that it didn't. LG engineer coming next Thursday, but it has to go via head office. It's still under warranty thankfully. I've saved a towel back so they can see and smell what it was like, though the drum stinks to high heaven. Thankfully none of the washing was burnt, just stinky.

We've been having some lovely dog walks, and I may well upload some photos to here later, but for now they are resting on my phone. We have had some good periods of sunshine, but the mighty winds have been blowing and we're all suffering with dry skin.

Right then...loads of cottage related jobs to do today, but first breakfast of some leftover suet pudding which we had with roast beef last night, with a knob of butter and a spoonful of golden syrup.


J. X



  1. Lol.......two peg panties. I can deny that mine use two pegs as I never dry them on the line....don't want to frighten the natives :)
    That belly pork dish would go down very well with hubby so I might just have to pinch that idea.
    So glad to hear of the improvements to your niece-x-

    1. Oh I so hope I never make it to three peg panties...hope hubby enjoys his comfort dish when he gets it. x

  2. I'm pleased to read of your nieces continued improvement. I'm still one peg - for now at least. Laughing at the hanging in bunches. X

    1. Well if I was to buy considerably bigger pegs I could be too! Little one is one very determined lady thankfully, and the surgeon says she was one very luck girl that everything fell into place as it did so she was operated on swiftly after being airlifted to Bristol. x


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