Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Oh Dear...

Skittles last night, and we finally lost a match...the first since I've been back playing regularly. Believe me when I say at times we've been fairly crap, but somehow amazingly the other team has always managed to play slightly crapper! But not last night.

Anyway...that is not what the oh dear is referring to...alas no...this morning I've struggled through a headache that has been plaguing me since Saturday and have used up the last of a large packet of puff pastry to make sausage rolls...with added pickle...yum...however in my stupor and having packed most of our baking equipment ready for our elusive just over the hill house move I've loaded the little darlings onto a flat baking sheet...and having just checked upon said little darlings have been treated to fat oozing everywhere...including the floor...well bless my dear soul...Speaking of soul, how about old preference to green ivy as a colour for the kitchen cupboards. I posted a photo of gree ivy a while ago with natural hessian...both by dulux...looked great until wisely I purchased a sample pot and painted some wood...lovely colour...a light mint, but not anything like it showed up on the a hunting I went yesterday...and settled on Old Soul by Valspar, blissful. I hope! I nearly picked Pond Leaves, but there's something in a name, and I really wanted to conjure up a feeling of coziness if anyone asked me the colour I'd used and I'm afraid to me pond leaves sounds quite slimy and not suitable for kitchen use...but Old Soul...that'll do me just fine...

Me to a T. Now we just have to wait until all the plaster is fully dry...paint about a tonne of paint on the walls, get carpet laid, clean even more tonnage of dust out, and make a home!

Thank you for your warm wishes for hubby's niece, she has had one or two setbacks but continues to make progress, we are well aware that a very long uphill road awaits her as she regains the strength to begin the climb. I'm hoping to visit early next week...MIL has an appointment next week also. We're doing what we can.

J. X



  1. I'm so pleased the little one is making progress, Jackie. Such a relief for you all. Love the 'old soul' colour. Thank goodness for tester pots. It's amazing how different the colour can look from the charts. X

  2. Headaches are just the pits aren't they? Hope yours goes soon.
    Love the new colour.
    I've done the sausage rolls on a flat tray/oozing fat thing before. What a bloomin' mess it was too.

  3. A soothing beautiful colour - it will look good in situ. Hope the headache has finally gone, when they drag on it can be just that - a drag. Glad your niece seems to making progress x


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