Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sensible Eating

I am hereby committing publicly that I shall stop stuffing my face with crap and start eating a very nutritious balanced diet...I need protein to help with my joint problems...I do not need mainly carbs and fat!

Eldest daughter is getting married in September...I am no where near a size 12...

I have just ordered a size 12 dress!

I will fit into said dress by September...even if not for the wedding!

I shall go forth to the mega store of Lidl in Torrington this morning and cheerfully purchase a colourful basket of fruit and vegetables along with some plain yogurt...I will smile while I am doing this and walk tall!

My treats will consist of dried dates, apricots, and nuts...

I will not succumb to ravenous cravings for pappy crap 'food' that will only add to my waistline...I want to find my waistline!!

I will cheerfully dance around the kitchen at least once a day...not caring how stupid I's all about the movement...not winning strictly come dancing!

If I feel hungry I will reach to the fridge and help myself to some mixed salads that I shall have pre prepared...

I will treat myself once a week to a proper roast meal...with gravy...but only if I can honestly say that I deserve all the trimmings...

I don't want to drink sugar free chemicals so will research a little more as to the most sensible choice for our Friday nights out...ginger beer may be a little high...but I usually only have one...then...cough... laugh... a cup of tea! I know how to party at the pub!!

I have been lubricating my throat liberally with homemade elder and rose hip cordials...humm...especially nice with lemonade...more humm...maybe one glass per day with water...and the rest of the time water...

That dress needs to be mighty pretty when it comes!!

I need to do this...for me...

J. x


  1. You go girl!!!
    I am just about to embark on commiting myself to sessions on the exercise bike several times a day to up my moving about. I spend way too much time sitting around either in front of the computer or the sewing machine and I want to wow the doctor when I go for my check up in April-x-

  2. Good for you! wish I had your self restraint. And now you've just reminded me I have only until July to fit into mine. I often have good intentions that unfortunately fall by the wayside. I've just read this post with a sweet cup of tea and a fudge bar. It was my reward for completing the weekly shop by half ten on a Sunday morning. X

  3. Come on girls...let's eat sensibly and move a little more...and watch what happens! x


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