Sunday, 3 January 2016

Keep, Store, Ditch

Oh my ears and can it possibly be time to return to work tomorrow...when there is just soooo much to do!

I'm finding sleep very easy to come by initially, however any time after 3am I'm awake...tossing and turning...being a little congested probably isn't helping as I find I'm waking up with a dry throat...

Anyway...I have problems...issues...whatever you like to call them...

Too much stuff...much that I don't want to let go of just yet...just in case...but...

Keep, store, ditch are three very important words at the moment...

All mugs with chips gave will be a sort out of glasses...brutal aren't I.

It doesn't help that lovely tableware is my downfall...much more so than handbags or shoes...I like to present a nice why keep the crap stuff? Should not every meal be treated as special. What to do, what to do!

Some time ago, needing a good supply of everyday cutlery I purchased some from Macro...stainless Kings was great, so when hosting a family gathering I had no qualms about getting some more...bad mistake...the batch was poorly made and has been very prone to rust...yuck...especially the we now are very limited on knives and inundated with spoons! Ah well...better this problem than those that many other people have to contend with I suppose.

I'm considering shelving out one of our Laura Ashley Bramley wardrobes to make a larder cupboard...we do tend to buy in bulk, and do rather a lot of's all got to go somewhere after all.

It's looking like our wardrobes won't fit in the bedroom so hey...may as well use one downstairs! Lucky the outlaws have oodles of room at theirs for storage.

The airing cupboard has been ripped out over at Little Winter making our future bedroom a more respectable size...but hey it's still a cottage and the ceiling slopes...what can I bed bouncing allowed or likely!!

At least I can now visualise our bed in it at least.

It will be will it will...

Hubby will hopefully slow down now most of the demolition work has been done...he's been like a thing possessed since Christmas Eve...and when he's over tired reverts to acting like a crabby toddler...though he's done good at the cottage...

My main mission has been feeding and watering the small army of volunteers forced labor family members! They've been a tremendous boy returned up north yesterday after doing great work re building the staircase. He's kind...intelligent...handsome...and my boy...I love him to bits!

We welcomed a new family member to the fold this Season...Beatrice...Heidi appears to like her...but was rather alarmed when Bea tried suckling from her...We're having lots of little meetings and today look what happened...

Daughter named this photo Best Buddies...I hope she's right!

So Happy New Year Blessings to everyone...

If you happen to see a haggard...plaster dust coated woman being dragged along by a Newfie it might just be me!

Until next time take care. J. x



  1. Bless you Jackie. I hope you manage to find yourself rested following a good nights sleep before too long. I'm all too familiar with 2/3am wakenings and the haunting thoughts they bring with them. It sounds like you are making some good progress thanks to your merry men. How gorgeous is that photograph? I want one! X

  2. They are's lovely having ng a grand can love and then leave! x


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