Monday, 11 January 2016

Good Morning!

So what have I been up to...well...

Let me show you what a walk near Little Winter looks like...

Don't think it will be a flip flop walk even in Summer!

And Little Winter itself...

Lots of bashing still, but slowly it will begin to go back together...let's face it...any more walls down and we'll be into next door! The sand blaster blasted the fireplace and beams with crushed glass...the large oak beams fared better than the smaller pine ones, but they are in the process of being sanded. Hubby has sawn the edges off the supporting oak beams now, making them really lovely.

Hopefully soon the dust will clear...the stress will diminish, and the workload will ease...I'm off in a bit to earn a very thin crust, but our business continues to run and produce oodles of paperwork, and a dusty workforce makes lots of washing and large holes to fill with comfort food!

Our electricity and Internet supplies have been rather sporadic since Christmas...I've seen the electricity helicopter out more than once but it still goes off at the drop of a hat. Mysterious indeed.

It's finally turned colder here...drier would be welcome, but there are big wind warnings for us tomorrow so it will probably be a candlelit supper again...

Take care everybody...J. x



  1. I bet it will look great when it's all finished and what a sense of achievement you'll get. Much colder here too. It's stopped raining but the ground is oh so wet so it makes walking difficult. X

  2. As were the words of Wilfred Toadflax in Brambly Hedge..."I can't wait...I can't wait!" x


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