Tuesday, 27 December 2016

For The Love Of A Fireside


When with your icy breath you chill the air

The fireside is my friend and sanctuary

I warm my toes on the hearth

I boil a kettle upon you

I prove bread by your side

In the darkness your flames provide a dancing light show

I have made plans beside you

Exciting browsing of knitting patterns

Spending of money on yarn without having to leave your side

I've been cheered by your welcome

After a chilly dog walk

As I gaze deep into you

Memories stir

Of past firesides

Of family long gone




I need you

I will always need you

Especially when Winters breath chills the air

Blessings J. x


Thursday, 22 December 2016

I Feel As Though I'm Late

You know that famous line from Alice In Wonderland

Well that's the feeling I'm getting

Today is going to be filled to the brim with shopping, haircut, errands and the like

Tomorrow is to be spent in the kitchen

Plans for boiled fruit cake to give to father in law

Sausage rolls

More mince pies

Marzipan cake

Rum balls

Stuffed dates

Jumbles biscuits

Possibly ice cake

Prepare 'spare' room for Sonshine


What am I doing on here

So if I go missing in action for a few days I truly hope you all have a fantastic festive season, however you celebrate and whatever you believe

As you can see I finally finished my other shawl in time to wear to a meeting yesterday

Blessings J. x


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Solstice Blessings

Just a quick one tonight

Solstice blessings from Little Winter

And a hope that your sprites aren't too mischievous



These three are being little rascals

Keep safe. J. x


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

It's The What Of December!

Time flies and you don't need to even be having fun

We chose a tree

Actually Heidi chose a tree

This one everybody

We brought it home

And put it up

Before winter solstice

I may come to regret this but with youngest working shifts it's how it was

The two cavemen want tinsel all over said tree

No chance...though I have now flung carefully placed some around underneath for a bit of sparkle in lieu of gifts that Heidi could demolish

More mince pies have been baked for the carol service

The puddings are at last mixed


Though not yet boiled

A cake has been made...though just a boiled fruit one without nuts to suit all tastebuds

I work today and tomorrow then my work bags and books will be stashed away out of site for as long as possible

I don't yet have that giddy festive feeling

But it's not Christmas yet

Hopefully it will arrive on Christmas Eve

And there's an awful lot to do before then

Have fun

Blessings J. x


Friday, 16 December 2016

It's Beginning...

To look festive around our little home...

I've decided that lugging home the holly and ivy china would be a step too far this Christmas...

Though I still want lovely and cosy...

Having no mantelpiece is bit different for us...

This will do for a start anyway...

And our bedroom...

Well why not!

Tomorrow youngest and I are off to purchase a tree...

The cavemen have given us a guide...

But what was it?

Something about being able to put our arms around the tree together...

When netted?!

Something about how tall it should or shouldn't be also...

Oh dear...

My memory fails me!

Daughter says she can't remember either...

Such a shame...

And it wouldn't be half as much fun with a tiny little tree!

Blessings J. x

Goodness knows when this will post...failed twice last night so it is tomorrow today!


Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Come With Me

A walk

A mini adventure

Call it what you will

This overgrown puppy had been miserable all morning

Probably because I had been busy shifting things and shampooing the carpet in readiness for the cavemen to finish putting up the skirting boards

We went through the door and stopped to admire the festive decor!

We crossed the road and headed off down the much quieter lane

But only after uttering a few expletives to a 'driver' who clearly didn't understand numbers and namely the 30mph speed limit.

Along the way we...well I stopped to admire the beauty of nature

Heidi stopped to relieve herself and sniff everything

We decided to walk in a large loop so didn't veer off here

Instead we carried on down and entered the wood

I saw lovely greenery fit to grace the finest homes and tables


These trees were creaking alarmingly and I thought it best not to linger

Still we walked

Crunching fallen leaves as we went

Still sniffing

And by now looking much happier


Heidi kept looking longingly downwards towards the stream

She chose not to go alone but eventually reached the point where she knows I can follow


There was no holding her back then

Down the bank she went and flop

Bliss if you are a shaggy black dog

I followed at a much slower pace

So slow that Heidi came back to 'assist' me down the slope by barging past at the narrowest point

All heart and no brain!

She once again cooled herself in the stream before trotting across the rickety rotten bridge

I did not immediately follow so was treated to a waiting dog who apparently loves me so much she will never stray far from my side

I am also the hand that feeds her so quite probably it's a self preservation issue!

Then we began the uphill part of our adventure

Heidi still sniffing at anything and everything

I still happily snapping photos

The winter sun, low in the sky, looked enthreal as it cast its magic through the trees

Still onwards we walked

Small details caught my eye such as this brightly coloured leaf stem

And still Heidi kept to a close radius around me

Stopping when I did and patiently waiting

Occasionally I turned to look back at how far we had walked

To be continued...

Blessings J. x