Monday, 14 December 2015

With A Little Help

This was the help...

A glass of sherry...

Or what remains of it!

Youngest and I have tried taming the tree...

We're reasonably pleased with the result. Daylight tomorrow may well change our minds...

Usually we wait for the winter solstice to put up the tree...but this year I was going to do the log...still mad as anything about hubby in his words 'sawing off the bent bit'...aka cutting the darn thing in half.

I want to find another and start again, but whether I shall have the time we'll see.

This was the log when it was whole and lovely...

Did I mention I was am really mad with my husband?!

Lots to do tomorrow so I'd better get some shut eye...J. x



  1. Your tree looks so beautiful. Only the one glass of sherry? X

    1. Hi Jules...only a little sherry gets poured into my glass at one go...but I did handle the bottle more than once! Nod nod wink wink.X


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