Thursday, 10 December 2015

Should Have Worn Wellies

The title of this post soon became apparent to me yesterday when taking Heidi for a lovely commons walk after her visit to the vet. (She had her annual booster).

But despite this happening to my boots it was lovely...

Things have been very hectic this past week...I've been packing up non essential items, having a major purge on 'bits'...trouble is I was brought up not to waste discarding things just because does not come easily to me...

However I have developed a cunning plan...I have a friend who just may appreciate some of our off cast items of loveliness...and am going to offer them to her before trying to glean a few pennies for them. Time is very precious, I've never used eBay to sell and it's so the wrong time of year for a car boot sale...however Little Winter is just that...LITTLE!

On Sunday we went to South Molton annual Christmas fat stock market...a great pity we got a soaking just walking from the car but it was full of good cheer...

And afterwards we headed for Arlington Court...a National Trust property who are holding a Christmas tree festival this year...


The dining room was my favourite, and I especially liked the baubles hanging from the ivy...maybe I'll replicate this sometime.

On returning home it was really dark and so we pulled out a little taste of festive loveliness to brighten things up...

I'm rather fussy about cool white in the kitchen...warm white in the mixing in this house! The rather random drawer is one from the antique engineers desk I bought some time ago...the insides of the drawers are all rather 'used' and I've started to line them with felt to hopefully make a wonderful space for sewing, and knitting supplies...and hopefully Little Winter will be able to accommodate it! Big squeeze!!

We have been having some damaging strong winds...power cuts and the odd tree down but absolutely nothing like our friends up a family we are all willing you to get through this...especially at this time of year...but remember in the Christmas story a baby was born in a stable and laid in a manger because his parents had been turned away from the a plea to anyone who is up north and lucky enough not to be floating around in those around you who are...and yes I would take in people if the situation arose locally.

Stick together in goodness and kindness...and let's outweigh at least some of the hatred and violence we hear about daily on our televisions.

J. X



  1. Yes, you should have worn wellies! Thank you for sharing your lovely festive goodness to get us in the mood. I also like the baubles hanging from the ivy but it would last about five minutes here. Good luck with your purge. X

    1. Ha ha Jules...yes my friend took the bait...and two box full of 'stuff' have gone to live at her house. Lots more to go through. Fancy any portmeioron bits?! x


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