Wednesday, 2 December 2015


There was rather more paperwork to be done than I had hoped today, but later this afternoon I managed to get back to sewing...

First one bag...padded and lined was finished for a festive gift...

After a small struggle...

Blurry too...

This happened...

Not such an elegant photo...but anyway...the handles are ready to be sewn on bag no.2...just not tonight!

The outer material was quite a bargain at a craft show a while back...the lining is what I saved from the living room curtains when I unpicked them ready to remake with interlining (it was a little too short)...and the padding is some of the cotton bump interlining bought as a bulk bargain to remake the curtains. (With some to spare).

Now with material left...I'm hankering after doing something a little more complicated...though I may settle for un padded shopping bags...we'll see.

These are nice squishy bags, do if the chosen recipients don't appreciate them for their true purpose they can always shove their hands or feet into them to keep warm!

J. x






  1. Lovely bags. I also like your alternative use, although, if they don't appreciate them I could think of something else they could do with them. :-D x

    1. Ha ha! Still need to finish second one and the back of the car is still disgusting! x


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