Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Having A Tidy Up

This morning I was woken from my deep slumber by an early delivery... I nearly put delivery man...but that sounds just wrong! Anyway with sleep weary eyes I stumbled towards the front door trying to not look as if I'd just climbed out of bed...though the dressing gown probably was a dead giveaway. Thanked said man for the parcel and then opened up my eyes enough to see that something had considerately opened up the bag of rubbish I'd removed from our bin last night as it was humming...and it is now strewn for all to see its contents in our front yard...lovely! The delivery man probably thinks he was delivering to a family of hillbillies...whoever they might be. I need a strong cup of tea before I tackle that little problem.

Anyway...I've been sat by the Esse with said cup of tea and started browsing my usual favourite blogs when it dawned on me that tastes change...some blogs I started following years ago no longer hold their appeal to me...some have vanished...and some have become so cluttered with adverts that I no longer feel relaxed when I take a peek at them. I've also removed a very old and incomplete list of blogs I follow on my own can I'm sure see the list...much more accurately on my profile page. So if you are someone I've offence, I just need to unclutter my life a little...and all our tastes change over time...sometimes less is more, and I'm always finding new blogs to follow so in the end something's got to give.

I intend to have a full and productive day today so maybe later there will be some photos!

J. x


  1. I always feel bad when I take a blog off my "blogs I read" list but when it gets too long I spend too much time reading about other peoples lives rather than getting on with my own!
    And I HATE blogs with ads - so annoying, I can just about put up with one or two if they are on a favourite blog but otherwise I get rid of them PDQ

  2. Here here...and you'll be glad to know you're still on my list! Jackie x

  3. Brutal Jackie!! ;-) Just kidding. I don't blame you. Like you said we all change over time. I do prefer blogs without adverts if at all possible. I have also just 'disposed' of some that I hardly read and some where there are no longer any new posts. I'd never be off my phone otherwise. I hope you've sorted out the mess. X


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