Thursday, 31 December 2015

Blessed Be

Happy New Year everybody...

We've been hard at it over at Little Winter... Well wrecking it to be truthful!

That was before we had a bit of this...

Then it's been right back to demolishing...

Three walls and all downstairs ceilings are down...stairs moved...plaster off remaining walls...what a state!!

But Monday the sandblaster is coming to clean off the fireplace and beams...then scaffolding will go up for builders to repair the chimney and tank some walls...a plummer is scheduled and an electrician...

I'm exhausted and have succumbed to the lurgee...all that dust hasn't helped I'm sure. Well meaning people are coming to the cottage telling us what they would have done...quite frankly I've had enough...emotionally doing all this for our daughter and her partner is quite weird when we've never been able to do it for ourselves. I'm not begrudging doing it, it's just I need it to be our home as well while trying to give them free rein in the decision making. And we have invested rather a lot in the deposit. It's just been easier to let them be legal owners outright as we hope to move on without needing financial gain within a few years. I'm sure the four of us will be fine living together when it's all done...but everyone wants to chip in their two pennith worth and therein lies the problem...leave us alone!!

Anyway were supposed to be going out for a bit till next year...

J. x



  1. Oo' all looks rather daunting but I shall watch with bated breath for the transformation.
    Happy New Year.

    1. Daunting it is! Hopefully we'll soon be able to begin to put it back together!

  2. You are a brave woman Jackie. I'm really looking forward to seeing the 'after' photographs. Good things come to those who wait apparently but sometimes it would be nice to be fastracked to the front of the queue. A very Happy New Year to you dear lady. X

    1. Perhaps I was a very bad girl in a previous life...and am destined to wait some more! But onwards...I hope the after photos will look all homely and snug. x


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