Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Temptations Of My Mind

Yep...each day I have an idea of what I'd like to achieve...but then temptations pop up...internet browsing for one...just an innocent peek on Pinterest...a quick check on the blogs I follow. Texting friends. Chatting to daughter when she's home...playing with the dog...oh dear...distractions! But I realise I am truly blessed to have such charming that leads me into thinking that these distractions are therefore as important as the tasks I set myself to do each day...

Today while the winds have abated somewhat we need to fetch logs from our store at the farm. But it is sooo wet, and this lovvie is wanting attention.

Update...boot full of logs collected and in the dry...muddy dog showered...bless...and just in time as the winds are whipping up to ferocious strength again. Yesterday saw the last of our recycling bin, and the poly tunnel is sadly no more. What a mess I shall have to clean up when the weather allows. But thankfully apart from a severe whip across the forehead wrestling with said poly tunnel yesterday we have kept safe in the storms. It is dawning on me that I really do need to venture out for the basics later...believe me if it weren't for needing the staples to survive I wouldn't be going. Wish me luck! J. x



  1. I like your four legged furry distraction the best. Good luck and stay safe. I forgot to say how much I love your new header photographs. X

  2. Heidi and I are both in agreement there! Just having a warming cup of tea, then off to brave the storms...only kettle takes an age to boil on the Esse when the wind is taking all the heat up the blog distraction comes in handy! x


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