Monday, 16 November 2015


Perhaps the title should read lack of! Mortgage appears to be progressing albeit slowly...oh the wait is excruciating.

Meanwhile I know that a certain seasonal celebration is creeping ever closer...and that I really ought to be busy making all sorts of lovely treats, but it feels as though my feet are stuck in a quagmire. Tomorrow though must find me sorting out some files for the accountant, and having a general clear up around the home. Also a bit of a bake up is required. We have been given weather warnings as later tomorrow we are expecting some very strong winds...there are already several road closures in the area due to landslides. We're running out of travelling options!

Ideally I'd also like to begin my rich fruit cake for the Yuletide celebrations.

I've already made some boiled puddings...


We were lucky enough to have a small taster was delicious so amongst all the continuing uncertainties there is loveliness to be had.

So in the craziness that is our shared world may you all be safe and as happy as possible. J. x



  1. I'm so pleased for you that the mortgage application is progressing, albeit slowly. It sounds like your part of the planet has also had it's share of the bad weather. I hope you are all staying safe and warm and dry. Your pudding looks great. I've never made one - no one here is that keen on them. I am going to try and post later. I just seem to have been so busy recently and with so many tragic events it doesn't seem to have been appropriate somehow. X

  2. Hi Jules...There certainly has been too much tragedy lately...accidental and otherwise. I'm not going to even pretend I know the why's and wherefore's. Just keep your head down and muddle along the best way you can...that sounds far too trivial but I have no idea what to do other than that...nothing us mere mortals could do can stop things from happening. We need to be strong to support others who have been affected by tragedy and hope there would be likeminded souls to hold us up if the need arose. X


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